Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation

Chapter 382 - 382: They Really Dare!

Chapter 382 - 382: They Really Dare!

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Wang Ye opened his interface.

The stage i Clone Spell was not yet listed under the ability spell column. In other words, he had yet to truly grasp the mysteries of the Clone Spell.

He had only executed the Clone Spell through the analysis of the mystical engraving, as well as the Void Bind Ring’s realm energy mystical engraving.

It was not important though.

The most important thing was that he could use the Clone Spell now.

The clone did not have a real soul and body, so it could not cultivate the evolution technique.

However, it would have no problem comprehending the paths because the essence of the Clone Spell was to control it with his will.

Holding the Time Oblivion Tooth Blade, Wang Ye immersed his mind and connected to the sub-origin of time.

His Time Control had reached stage 6. He had thus comprehended the advanced path of time, Time Shift.

One of the three advanced great paths.

He was born on the Blue Planet, so his talent in time was extraordinary.

In addition to that, absorbing the essence of the four beast totem poles had made his time talent improve.

Even if he only had the foundation of stage 4 or stage 5 Time Control, he would be able to comprehend Time Shift, let alone stage 6.

Cultivating the advanced path of time would not only give him an advantage in close combat but the other half of the Time Oblivion Tooth Blade’s power could be further unleashed!

It would greatly increase his combat prowess.

While his clone cultivated the path of time, his main body would continue to cultivate the evolution technique.

He would never stop improving his strength level.

After passing through the Milky Way Ace Team’s encampment, the Silver Warband Azure Mountain Squad went straight into the devil race’s territory.

With Ke Yuanqi in the lead, everyone’s fighting spirit surged.

The opportunity was right in front of them!

No one had expected that the ordinary Azure Mountain Squad would be able to rise from the bottom. Not only did they escape the fate of being at the bottom, but now, they even had the chance to enter the top three in terms of the squad’s total battle credits!

For this killing mission, they only needed to surpass the Silverjade Squad and take first place.

Moreover, their personal battle credits could also be greatly increased in the killing mission.

Since they couldn’t get any treasures, they would earn battle credits!

The squad members were united.


Wang Ye took the lead and Ke Yuanqi followed closely behind.

Lan Jian and Yu Yuyu were at the center of the squad, while the rookies Yan Sanqi and Yao flew on both sides.

The Azure Mountain Squad was showing its brilliance!

On the first cosmic day after entering the devil race’s territory, they defeated three devil troops.

On the third cosmic day, they defeated ten devil troops.

On the 7th cosmic day, they even destroyed a devil race encampment!

The Azure Mountain Squad went crazy.



The last killing mission was already halfway through.

The Silver Road Team found the last natural wormhole and locked onto the location of the Milky Way’s super black hole.

At this point, the Milky Way Ace Team’s missions began to count down.

After completing the final mission, the squads would disband and go their separate ways.

They could return to their respective squads in the Milky Way Army. For example, the Azure Mountain Squad could return to the Azure Mountain Milky Way Army and continue to fight in the Ancient Battlefield Milky Way, fighting for territory with the demon race and the devil race.

Or, they could return to the Taishi Starfield’s military camps that belonged to the various cosmic nations, and then choose whether to proceed with the next mission.

“Fifteen cosmic days left.” Wu Mohan looked at the squads’ battle credits ranking.

The Taiwu Squad had 190,240,000 battle credits, which was close to 200 million battle credits. Naturally, he didn’t need to worry about being number one.Read lat𝙚st chapters at nov(𝒆)lbin.com Only

In third place, Heidun Squad had 161,110,000 battle credits.

In the past half a month of searching for Ancient Battlefield treasures, he and Ah Long had each found the coordinates of a wormhole.

According to the agreement, they gave them to Tuyan Jie, and Heidun Squad received an increase of 6 million battle credits. Their ranking was also secure.

After all, the Azure Mountain Squad, which was ranked fourth, only had 145,780,000 battle credits.

In the last killing mission, even if the Azure Mountain Squad takes first place, they will only get 15 million battle credits. Their total battle credits will be 160,780,000 then, still in fourth place.”

Wu Mohan relaxed.

Half a day later, the squads would settle the score. His personal battle credits would be the first in the Milky Way Ace Team.

In addition to being number one in terms of individual battle credit, the Taiwu Squad he led would definitely take first place with a total of 200 million battle credits!

The Ancient Battlefield exploration mission would come to a perfect end, and he would receive a generous reward before returning to the Taiwu Cosmic Nation.

“I’m only missing an Ancient Battlefield treasure! If I can’t find one, then I’ll convert all my battle credits. Even if there’s only a glimmer of hope to enter the seven supreme human factions… I want to give it a try!”

Wu Mohan stepped into the cultivation room with a strong fighting spirit.

The exploration mission of the Ancient Battlefield was just a stepping stone for him.

At a six-star life planet encampment in the devil race’s territory, Wang Ye took the lead with two sabers in his hands and killed the devil experts until blood flowed like a river.

He didn’t need to expend too much energy.

Just the combination of stage 6 dark power and the stage 7 Thunder Fusion Technique, combined with the effects of the Time Oblivion Tooth Blade and the Space-lock Battle Domain, already made him unstoppable.

In fact, he did not even need to use the Whitewheel Origin.

[Killed Super Star level 3 devil general.]

[Potential Points: 785.7 million -> 805.7 million]

[Killed Super Star level 5 devil general.]

[Potential Points: 866,600,000 -> 901,600,000]

[Killed Super Star level 7 devil general.]

[Potential Points: 948 million -> 1,011 million]

The current Wang Ye was too strong. Even if he only used 10% of his strength, it was enough to sweep through an entire devil race encampment.

His potential points had broken through 1 billion!

After killing the leader of the devil race in the encampment and wiping out all the Super Star-level devil generals, Wang Ye stopped.

The remaining potential points and battle credits were left for the squad members to practice and increase their battle credits.

Halfway through the killing mission, they gradually entered the hinterland following the path that the previous Silver Warband had opened up. The squad finally began to enjoy themselves.

The devil troops they had encountered before were weak, and there were not many Super Star-level devils.

Now, it was finally a warm-up.

After a satisfying battle, the members of the Azure Mountain Squad were filled with joy and excitement. They had swept through an encampment of the devil race!

“It’s a pity that it’s only an ordinary encampment. There’s no additional squad battle credit rewards,” Yan Sanqi said regretfully.

“But the individual battle credit reward is real. To you and Yao, these battle credits are far more important than the squad’s battle credits.”

Yan Sanqi grinned. Ever since she joined the Azure Mountain Squad, she had gained a lot in all aspects. Her personal strength was guided by her former captain, Ke Yuanqi. She also had Wang Ye to help her gain battle credits.

It was worlds apart compared to when she was with the Xu Wolf Guards.

Sometimes, one really needed to take that step without fear. Perhaps it was a cliff, but it could also be a ladder to success.

“Oh right, where’s Wang Ye and Yao?” Yan Sanqi asked.

“They’re analyzing the information of the devil encampment.” Lan Jian shook his head with a bitter smile. “Our captain is good in all aspects, but he’s really too ambitious… This time, I wonder what kind of big move he’s preparing to unleash. I’m afraid that he’ll suddenly come up with another wild idea. My heart can’t take it.”

After a while.

“W-what?!” Lan Jian’s eyes widened and he was dumbfounded. “Are you crazy? Attack the devil race territory’s base camp directly?! Can we come out alive? No, do you know where the base camp is?”

Wang Ye pointed at the supernet radar. “According to the encampment’s information and radar response, Yao has just analyzed the location of the devil race territory’s base camp. It’s quite easy to find. It’s in the center of the territory, the only seven-star life planet. Speaking of which, the devils are really lazy. Don’t they guard against intruders?”

Guard against what?

Lan Jian didn’t know what to say at this point.

If even the seven-star life planet at the center of the hinterland had been breached, the territory would have collapsed at that point. Did it make a difference where the base camp was built?

“Are you serious?” Yu Yuyu stared at Wang Ye.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Wang Ye smiled. “Why are you guys so nervous? Look at Yuanqi. She’s already preparing for the battle in high spirits. She’s so energetic!”

They couldn’t get their spirits up…

Lan Jian and Xiaoyu looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

God knows if it was better to say that Wang Ye was a newborn calf that was not afraid of tigers, or that he had been infected by Yuanqi.

This wasn’t bravery, this was recklessness!

Even the strongest Taiwu Squad of the Silver Warband would have to think twice before attacking the devil race territory’s base camp.

What right did they have?

Although their squad was ranked fourth in total, it did not mean that their true strength was ranked fourth in the Silver Warband…

Lan Jian wanted to cry. The captain was really crazy.

“Do you believe me?” Wang Ye looked at Lan Jian.

“…I mean… Yes.” Lan Jian didn’t know what to say for a moment.

It was all thanks to their captain, Wang Ye, that the Azure Mountain Squad was where it was today, including his own battle credits. Still…

“What about you?” Wang Ye looked at Xiaoyu.

“I don’t.” Yu Yuyu’s answer was straightforward and decisive. “1 don’t believe that we can succeed, but I believe that you won’t harm us. You’re not as reckless as Yuanqi.”

Ke Yuanqi:”???”

“I’ll go wherever you go.” Yan Sanqi did not hesitate.

“Go.” Yao didn’t say anything.

“Stop being so wishy-washy.” Ke Yuanqi stretched her hands and stood on her tiptoes, barely patting Lan Jian and Xiaoyu’s shoulders. “It’s just the devil race territory’s base camp. We can take it down!”

“Besides, you haven’t seen how terrifying Wang Ye’s true strength is.” Ke Yuanqi’s beautiful eyes flashed. The memory was still fresh in her mind. “This fellow can kill four Black Hole-level demi-beasts in a row when he goes all out! 1 don’t know if there are any Black Hole-level devil commanders-in-chief in the devil race territory’s base camp, but if there aren’t, a motley crew of devil generals is no match for him at all. Even if there are, 1 believe Wang Ye can kill the other party. Listen to me, trust him!”

There were only five cosmic days left until the end of the killing mission.

The Silverjade Squad had arrived at the six-star life planet. The desolate and empty devil encampment was filled with devil corpses.

“They’ve been dead for at least ten days. The Azure Mountain Squad is too brave, charging fearlessly. Their battle credits are far ahead of ours. We can only take second place in this killing mission.”

Captain Tu Yishan looked around.

Looking at the information about the devil race that had been analyzed, he was somewhat apprehensive.

The end of the scene stopped at the devil race territory’s base camp, a seven-star life planet.

Was the Azure Mountain Squad crazy?

They really dared!

Was the 15 million battle credits reward from the killing mission not enough for them? To think they aimed to get the 30 million battle credit reward by destroying the devil race territory’s base camp… Did they have a death wish?!


Tu Yishan frowned slightly and looked at the overall battle credits ranking.

If, by any chance, the Azure Mountain Squad really succeeded…

Their squad’s total battle credits, together with the 15 million battle credits from the killing mission ranking, would reach… 190.78 million!

They would surpass Taiwu Squad’s 190,24.0,000 battle credits and complete the final counterattack. With that, they would be ranked first in the Milky Way Ace Team in terms of total battle credits!

“This… This is impossible.” Tu Yishan muttered to himself, his breathing rapid..

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