Chapter 1415 The Demon's Scheme

Chapter 1415  The Demon's Scheme

Gracia could not believe that demons snuck into The Temple of Light and set up a trap on the seal. The words stuck in her mind that most likely there were more demons in the temple.

She wanted to deny it, but the words just won't come out of her mouth. Not after seeing a demon in the most protected room in the temple.

"I will protect you, Sir," Gracia nodded and replied solemnly.

Sir Tang Shaoyang put his hand on the seal as the black energy engulfed the seal. It looked like Dark Energy, but she could tell the difference. She did not feel the malice just like when she sensed Dark Energy. But she sensed it was powerful energy, more powerful than the demon's dark energy.

Gracia trusted the seal on Tang Shaoyang and turned around. There was only one door into this room. The door opened as the two knights rushed in.

"What happened, Exalted Priest Gracia?" One of the knights asked in a concerned tone.

Gracia raised her right hand, "Stop! Don't come any closer or I have to kill you!"

Despite her warning, the two knights still approached Gracia, "What are you talking about, Exalted Priest Gracia? We come to help, and we are The Guardian of Goddess Lunea. We are here to protect her."

"And it was me who appointed you as the knights to guard this sacred place. But I am here to protect the seal. This is the last warning. Back off or I will kill you!" Gracia took out a white staff from her inventory.

She formed ten swords made of light, hovering above her.

The two knights halted their steps, looking surprised. But then they screamed, "Exalted Priest Gracia betrayed Goddess Lunea. She brings a demon with her into the Sacred Room!"

Not long after the scream, the knights and the other priests arrived at the scene. The fight with the demon brought up a commotion.

Right after the scream, the ten light swords shot toward the knights. It seemed the two knights were not expecting The Exalted Priest to attack them in front of many people. The two knights were caught off guard, and one of them got impaled onto the wall with five swords piercing his body. Updat𝒆d fr𝒐m nov𝒆lb(i)n.c(o)m

The second knight survived with a light sword on his thigh and right shoulder. He leaned against the wall weakly, looking at his comrade's fate. The body was dangling on the wall, telling the knight was dead.

Gracia summoned another ten light swords. This time the ten light swords spread out around her and the seal. Once the light sword was in the position, it formed a light barrier.

"No one gets near the seal until Sir Tang finishes breaking the seal! I will kill anyone who tries to get near the seal!" Gracia warned them once more.

Most of the knights and the priests knew Tang Shaoyang, the dragon that almost ran amok outside. However, some of the knights and priests who stayed inside did not know who Tang Shaoyang was.

A priest with a similar patterned cloak as Gracia walked out from the crowd. She was one of the priests who stayed inside the temple during the commotion. She didn't even know that the barrier that protected the elf's territory had disappeared.

"What's the meaning of this, Exalted Priest Gracia? Are you trying to rebel against Goddess Lunea's teaching?" A High Priest questioned Gracia, approaching the light barrier.

Gracia glanced back and just realized that Sir Tang had taken the demon's body. She trusted The High Priest, but she could not really explain it without the body. No one would believe just like how she could not believe a demon was inside this sacred place.

"He is Sir Tang, and he is currently breaking Goddess Lunea's seal!"

"Then what's the meaning of this barrier and that body?" The High Priest pointed at the dead knight on the wall and also the wounded knight.

"I told them not to come closer, and they still came closer despite my warning. So I killed them!"

"You try to kill me just because of that!?" The wounded knight was angry, "We have been protecting this sacred life for years. And this is the repayment!?"

"Because you are not the Guardian Knight. I don't think the Guardian Knight can be killed with such a simple attack," Gracia really did not think that her sword would kill the knight.

If they were the same Guardian Knights, they would be able to block her spell. They were weaker than the original knight.

"Take his helmet!" Gracia told the priest next to the dead knight. A priest tried to heal the knight, but it was too late already. The priest was confused, but The Exalted Priest's authority was rooted deep inside them. They followed the order and pulled off the helmet.

Several priests screamed at the same time, surprised by what they saw behind the helmet. It was not a human's face, but the faceless demon.

"It's a Demon!"

More knights rushed in with their swords out as they rushed to the wounded knight. There was no need for Gracia to tell them what to do in this situation.

However, something unexpected happened as High Priest Risty pulled out a sword from her inventory. She swung the sword toward the knights that rushed toward the wounded knight.

Her sword released the crescent black blade and cut through dozens of knights and priests.

"That bitch Estia, can't she do something right for once!" High Priest Risty pulled off the hood and revealed her pretty face.

She was the same Risty, not a faceless demon. However, she was no longer Goddess Lunea's follower but turned herself into a demon. The black eyes and the yellow irises were enough indication that she had turned into a demon.

A pair of bat wide bat wings came out from her back, licking the blood in her black sword, "It's more comfortable that I don't need to hide it anymore. It's more comfortable this way."

"You have become a demon!?" Gracia was shocked that Risty had become a demon. Risty was one of the oldest Goddess Lunea's followers. Back before the Game started, Risty was already a High Priest for The Temple of Light.

"But why!?" It was hard to believe for Gracia.

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