Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5694: The Mortal World? Meaningless

Chapter 5694: The Mortal World? Meaningless

“Because if you’re wrong, all of this would be for nothing.” The prime emperor added.

“I am positive. Purewood Divine Emperor, Immortal Monarch Yiye, and Inconcealable Ancient God must have reached the place and perhaps broken through the limit. Otherwise, their absence would not make sense.”

He continued: “If there had been any mishap or things turned out to be different than imagined, why would Puresun Dao Lord and the others go explore again? More importantly, why drove Immortal Emperor Fei Yang and Bu Zhan to close Immortal Dao City? They must be aiming to delve deeper as well.”

“Our speculations are similar, Brother. There is an ultimate fortune in Immortal Dao City, hence the disappearance of some of the greatest cultivators in history. Moreover, I’m certain that this is why Fei Yang and Bu Zhan abandon everything, they know the same secret.” Luminous finished.

“Indeed, it’s a possibility.” The emperor admitted having the same ideas.

“More than just a possibility, it is reality.” Luminous said: “Hmph, closing Immortal Dao City meant abandoning Dao City and all else. They have no intention of returning now and will continue delving deeper, searching for a way to break through, a secret capable of surpassing the dao limit.”

“If that’s the case, why didn’t the real masters of Celestial Court do anything? Bu Zhan and Fei Yang couldn’t have stopped them, not even Purewood Divine Emperor’s group back then.” The prime emperor asked.

“The answer is that they had qualms about taking actions, preferring to hide instead. Moreover, they do not need to break through because they already have, Immortal Dao City was not important. Plus, Celestial Court is an equivalent heavenly treasure, home for them for eras now. There’s no safer place.” Luminous responded.

“They had things to fear, and we don’t right now?” The prime emperor said.

“You’re talking about Sacred Teacher, the eternal mastermind?” Luminous smiled: “We’ve thought about it. As long as we enter Immortal Dao City, we will be safe. It is boundless and even if he cares enough to try and find us, he might not be able to do so.”

He then revealed: “This is information given to us by Celestial Court. Remember, Sacred Teacher had been trying to find its true masters for a long time but their location eluded him. We can do the same in Immortal Dao City’s depths. Look, no one has been able to find Divine Purewood Emperor and the many who came after.”

“I hope so.” The prime emperor sighed.

“We will disappear into the boundless artifact. No one will be able to find us as long as we do not show our faces, we can continue to cultivate and prolong our lifespan. With enough time and given our talent and comprehension, it won’t be difficult to break the dao limit. I am sure that there is a supreme dao land there with the potential to aid us.” Luminous couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes: “We will reach the ancestral level and become overlords, the only thing we are missing is a chance or the right dao land.”

“This world does not allow us to become an Ancestor or even an overlord. Only Immortal Dao City.” He concluded.

“Ancestor and beyond.” The prime emperor couldn’t fight the temptation.

“Right, once we become overlords, then this world means nothing.” Luminous said.

The prime emperor glanced in the direction of his clan - the heavy price he had paid for this opportunity.

“Others might think that we are at the apex, but we know that this is only the beginning.” Luminous said: “Purewood knew, Fei Yang knew, and so did Bu Zhan regarding the existence of the ancestral realm and the possibility of becoming overlords. Immortal Dao City must be the best place to do so. They all knew and had plans, but did they tell you, Brother? Did they reveal these secrets to me? No, they wanted to monopolize it and even closed off Immortal Dao City.” Updated from nov𝒆lbIn.(c)om

“Hmph.” The prime emperor snorted after hearing this.

“They told us nothing and abandoned you and me, to embark on the path of breaking the dao limit.” Luminous uttered with hatred: “I can understand why the others weren’t informed. Jadesword, Skysplitter, Six-finger, all new emperors with limited contribution, weren't qualified to enter Immortal Dao City. But what about us, and especially you, Brother?”

The prime emperor clenched his fists after hearing this.

Luminous went on: “Ever since your dao debut, you have fought Celestial Court countless times for Dao Domain. The very ground the city was built on was paved with the blood and skulls of your clan members, but how were you rewarded? Only abandonment.”

“As for me, I led The People against Celestial Court for eras. I reigned wisely, the reason for Dao City’s prosperity. Yet they found me unqualified as well.” He said.

“I, Luminous, never asked for anything. However, I have done so much so why am I not walking on the dao limit path? I am inferior to none!” He claimed: “If they do not give me the chance, then I shall seize it myself. Immortal Dao City, this heavenly treasure, shall be mine.”

“It doesn’t belong to us, just a place where we shall stay.” The prime emperor said after a long pause.

“Hah, Brother, you’re still so righteous?” Luminous said: “So what if they got there first? We all fought for The People, we deserve a share.”

“How long have you been scheming with Celestial Court?” The prime emperor asked.

Luminous only smiled and didn’t answer.

“Did you forget the role Celestial Court played in your destruction?” The prime emperor said.

“The past is the past, both The People and The Rac mean little to me, I realized this logic back in the upper continents.” Luminous sneered.

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