Family Cultivation: I Can Store My Ability To Understand

Chapter 405 - 405: Dumbfounded (2)

Chapter 405 - 405: Dumbfounded (2)

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What surprised Chen Daoxuan was that the Seventh Elder of the Jiang Family was not as powerful as the rumors said.

The outside world said that the Seventh Elder of the Jiang Family was only a step away from the Nascent Soul Stage and was a top Golden Core. Now, it seemed like it was nonsense.

If one had to use a word to describe it, it would be an undeserved reputation.

“You know what? I was really scared by you. The so-called strongest Jindan of the Jiang family is only at this level?”

Chen Daoxuan attacked while harassing him verbally.

Being hammered by a Zifu Disciple in such a way…Jiang Zuyi was so ashamed that his face was bleeding.

He knew that Chen Daoxuan was trying to provoke him so that he would reveal his flaws and defeat him in one fell swoop.

Chen Daoxuan probably didn’t have the ability to kill him. With the fourth-tier superior-grade ling armor, as long as he didn’t insist on fighting Chen Daoxuan to the end, he could retreat at any time if he wanted to.

But he, a late Jindan stage cultivator, had been defeated and fled by a Zifu Disciple like Chen Daoxuan. If word of this spread, not only would he be utterly humiliated, but perhaps even the Jiang Clan would be humiliated as well.

Thinking of this, Jiang Zuyi was completely ruthless. He no longer defended and exchanged attacks with Chen Daoxuan. His sword and sword were aimed at the weak points of Chen Daoxuan’s spirit armor.

However, compared to Jiang Zuyi, Chen Daoxuan, who had been trained by the Taoist in White in the Infinite Star Sea, was much stronger.

He easily avoided the attack that he thought was extremely clumsy, and with a few casual slashes, he struck the joints of Jiang Zuyi’s ling armor, causing the latter to stagger.

“No, this can’t go on!”

Jiang Zuyi was completely anxious.” I’m not good at close combat to begin with, but this kid seems to be especially good at close combat.

Although the power of each sword I attack him can reach the late stage of the Golden Core realm, most of them are dodged by this kid or blocked by his two immortal swords. I can’t threaten him at all!

This kid from the Chen family seems to be able to see through my attacks!”

Suddenly, Ancestor Jiang thought of the legendary close-combat technique. Could it be… Chen Daoxuan this brat had reached the level of anticipating the enemy’s preemptive strike!

However, how could a Zifu Disciple master such a close combat technique?

In today’s cultivation world, low-level cultivators generally did not pay attention to body refinement, so their close combat skills were extremely weak.

After a cultivator broke through to the Aurous Core stage, due to the tempering of the Aurous Core lightning tribulation, his body refinement cultivation could quickly reach the realm of rebirth.

When one’s body refinement cultivation reached the first level, the Golden Core cultivators naturally would not waste their body refinement cultivation in vain. Thus, they began to study close combat techniques.

This was also the reason why only Golden Core cultivators had the confidence to fight in close combat.

This was because the Purple Mansion stage cultivators had weak bodies and would not normally think of using close combat to fight their enemies.

However, this rule was obviously not suitable for a freak like Chen Daoxuan!

That’s right, in Ancestor Jiang’s eyes, Chen Daoxuan was a freak.

He was clearly only at the Zifu level, but his close combat skills were stronger than most Golden Core cultivators.

“I was too careless!”

Jiang Zuyi was rather annoyed. If he had known that Chen Daoxuan was so strong in close combat, he would never have let him get close to him.

But now, it was too late to say anything after being beaten by Chen Daoxuan.

As Jiang Zuyi’s attack rhythm was interrupted by Chen Daoxuan, more and more sword marks appeared on his ling armor.

Although he could not break through the defense of the Tier 4 spiritual armor in a short time, if this continued, Jiang Zuyi might really not be able to outlast Chen Daoxuan.

Chen Daoxuan had the Fourth-Grade White Lotus of Fate with him. In terms of consumption, unless a Nascent Soul came personally, a mere late-stage Golden Core cultivator really couldn’t beat him.

“No, I have to distance myself from him again and use my best soul attack!”

Jiang Zu thought.

He was known as the closest Golden Core cultivator to the Nascent Soul stage of the Jiang Clan, so he naturally wouldn’t be so weak that he would be suppressed by a Zifu Disciple.

In reality, 90% of Jiang Zuyi’s strength was above divine soul attacks.

However, under Chen Daoxuan’s close-range attacks, the sword lights were like the water of the Nine Heavens Mysterious River, vast and endless.

Jiang Zuyi could not free himself to use a divine soul attack at all.

In other words, he was already stuck to Chen Daoxuan and couldn’t break free.


Jiang Zu made up his mind and forced Chen Daoxuan back slightly with his sword. Before Chen Daoxuan could approach him again, he opened his mouth and spat out a lightning bead.

“Thunder Calamity Pearl!”

Chen Daoxuan recognized the origin of this object at a glance. Without saying anything, he quickly moved his swords away and spread his arms in front of the head to protect it.

Just as he did this, the terrifying power of lightning in the Thunder Calamity Pearl instantly erupted!


The terrifying purple lightning ball exploded between Chen Daoxuan and Jiang Zuyi.

Then, the two figures were pushed away by the huge shock wave.

By the time Chen Daoxuan regained control of his body, he found that he had been blown away by the lightning ball for dozens of miles.

With his speed, he would be able to arrive in a few breaths of time, but Jiang Zuyi would not give him the chance.

When Jiang Zu saw that Chen Daoxuan was unharmed after taking a blow from the Thunder Calamity Pearl, he could not help but be shocked.

He nodded.” 1 was wondering why you weren’t tempted by the third tier ling armor. So there are better ones. Unfortunately…” The ling armor could defend against normal attacks, but it couldn’t block divine soul attacks. Go to hell!”

Jiang Zu’s eyes were filled with joy as he opened his mouth and spat out a zither.

The zither grew longer in the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it was in front of Jiang Zuyi. Jiang Zuyi gently stroked the surface of the zither and looked at Chen Daoxuan.’This zither is called Heavenly Melody. Dying under Heavenly Melody is not in vain for your top talent!”

Even Jiang Zuyi had no choice but to admit that a mere Zifu Disciple was actually able to suppress him in a fight. This was an absolutely shocking feat.

However, after today, no one would know about this matter.

At this moment, Jiang Zuyi even had the intention to kill the Jiang family members behind him.

As the strongest Golden Core Cultivator in the Jiang Family, he was the most powerful person in the family, apart from the three Nascent Souls.

But today, he had been forced to such a state by a Zifu Disciple. It could be said that he had been utterly humiliated.

If today’s matter were to spread, he, Jiang Zuyi, would become a laughing stock among the high-level cultivators.Updat𝒆d fr𝒐m nov𝒆lb(i)n.c(o)m

He would never allow such a thing to happen. No Golden Core cultivator was willing to become a stepping stone for a Zifu Disciple to become famous.

Even if this Zifu Disciple had the power to be ranked first on the Zifu Disciple Rankings.

Behind Jiang Zuyi, Jiang Chenye was sweating profusely. He regretted coming to Cangzhou with his seventh granduncle. Although he was the Jiang family’s Dao Child, his position in the Jiang family was worlds apart from Jiang Zuyi’s.

When Jiang Chenye saw Seventh Granduncle’s ugly state, it was obvious that he would definitely be hated by Seventh Granduncle.

If Seventh Granduncle’s heart was a little darker…

Jiang Chenye did not dare to continue thinking.

At this moment, he only hoped that Seventh Granduncle could kill Chen Daoxuan and completely vent his anger, so that he would not come looking for trouble with him again.

At this moment, Jiang Chenye finally realized that compared to the so-called background and potential, only the strength that he had grasped was the most stable.

Jiang Chenye had never hated himself so much for being weak.

In the distance.

Ancestor Jiang looked at Chen Daoxuan and gently plucked the strings. In the next moment, an invisible fluctuation hit Chen Daoxuan’s soul in his Purple Mansion at a speed comparable to teleportation.


A loud sound like a great bell exploded in Chen Daoxuan’s divine soul, wanting to tear it apart completely.

Even though he possessed the soul-refining divine ability, the Sea of Divine Light, Chen Daoxuan’s soul and divine sense far surpassed that of ordinary Zifu Disciples.

However, Chen Daoxuan could not withstand Jiang Zuyi’s terrifying divine soul attack at all.

Just when he thought that his soul was about to shatter and die, the golden scripture in his sea of consciousness trembled slightly, and the loud voice in his soul instantly disappeared.

In the outside world, Chen Daoxuan’s expression was a little stunned. Then, he looked at Jiang Zuyi playing the zither as if nothing had happened.

“You’re actually fine?”

Jiang Zuyi was in disbelief, but he immediately thought of something and said in shock,” Soul Defensive Dharmic Artifact! You have a Soul Defensive Dharmic Artifact!”

He looked at Chen Daoxuan with a complicated gaze. His attack power was comparable to that of a mid-Aurous Core cultivator, and he also had a fourth-tier superior-grade spiritual armor and a soul-protecting magical artifact.

Ancestor Jiang realized that Chen Daoxuan was quite powerful even among Golden Core cultivators, let alone cultivators of the same level.

More importantly, the other party actually restrained him in all aspects.

After losing the ability to use divine soul attacks, Jiang Zuyi’s strength was reduced by 90%.

Thinking of this, how could he dare to continue to tangle with Chen Daoxuan? With a flash of light, he picked up the green spirit ship and disappeared into the horizon..

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