Martial God Asura

Chapter 5841: Do You Want to Choose Again?

Chapter 5841: Do You Want to Choose Again?

Chapter 5841: Do You Want to Choose Again?

Zi Ling’s eyes were blood-red, and her body was shrouded in a blood-red aura. Her cultivation had reached rank nine Half-God level.

“That aura... That person’s base cultivation must be at least at rank seven Half-God level. Zhao Gongyi, didn’t you say that there are no Half-Gods here? Why is there someone who can raise her cultivation to pinnacle Half-God level then?” the prodigy from the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clan berated.

He began to grow larger, and his palm opened up to form a crack. An item was ejected from the crack—it was a gigantic stone hammer that shared the same aura as him. It was a weapon, but it was also a part of his body.

He unleashed his means, and his cultivation rose from rank six Half-God level to rank nine Half-God level. He leaped into the sky and smashed his giant hammer down on Zi Ling.

He had a towering stature, but the giant hammer in his hand was even larger than him. This attack felt almost like a mountain falling from the sky.

But instead of dodging the attack, Zi Ling raised her palm and unleashed her martial power upward. Her martial power was dissipated, but the Stone Hammer Monstrous Clansman was knocked back by her force.

However, a whip harnessing blood-red aura shot forth in that instant.

It was fortunate Zi Ling had dodged in time. The whip left a massive gash on the ground, a testament to its formidable strength. It was the doing of the woman from the Blood Phoenix Royal Clan.

Her appearance had also changed, as her cultivation rose three ranks to rank nine Half-God level too.

It was not just them. The remaining clans from the Ancient Era also had a junior each who could raise their cultivation to rank nine Half-God level.

All in all, six juniors with strength comparable to rank nine Half-God level simultaneously attacked Zi Ling. All of them had God Armaments, and their fighting prowess was not to be scoffed at.

Under such circumstances, it didn’t take long for Zi Ling to fall into a disadvantageous position. She had no choice but to keep dodging.

However, as Zi Ling was dodging an attack, there was suddenly a surge of spirit power under her. It morphed into a formation that trapped her in place. It was Zhao Gongyi’s formation.

Even though he was at Exalted Dragon God-cloak, his formation and fighting prowess were comparable to that of rank nine Half-God level cultivators.

“Caught you! Let’s see how you dodge now!” The woman from the Blood Phoenix Royal Clan revealed her killing intent as she prepared her next attack.

However, Zi Ling formed a hand seal, and the blood-red aura around her became even thicker.

“What’s that?”

A lofty blood-red tower that surged to the sky appeared behind Zi Ling. This ancient tower seemed to harness incomparable might, but it disappeared in a flash. This left the juniors wondering if they were seeing things.


Six blood-red chains suddenly gushed forth from Zi Ling’s body. They penetrated Zhao Gongyi’s sealing formation and gushed at the six top prodigies from the Ancient Era.

Other than Zhao Gongyi, none of them managed to dodge the chain. It tightly wrapped them in place. It didn’t inflict pain on them, but when they tried to sever the blood-red chain, they found that their attacks passed right through it. They were unable to touch it at all.

Zhao Gongyi constructed a formation, and five formation blades appeared out of thin air to slice the chains. These were no ordinary formation blades; they served specifically to slice through formations.

Yet, his formation blades proved to be useless too.

“What the hell is this?” Zhao Gongyi was starting to get unnerved. The chain he had previously avoided was charging at him relentlessly. Its momentum had decreased significantly, but he was afraid of getting caught after seeing how bizarre it was.

Meanwhile, the five individuals continued launching a barrage of attacks at Zi Ling. It didn’t take them long to figure out the effects of the blood-red chains.

“It’s fine! This chain doesn’t hurt us. It only lowers our fighting prowess. Let’s join forces and kill her!” the woman from the Blood Phoenix Royal Clan said.

“Is that all it does? That makes things easier,” Zhao Gongyi said. He continued to dodge the chain while attacking Zi Ling.

However, their advantage was slowly slipping now that their fighting prowess had gone down. They were able to tie down Zi Ling, but they no longer had the power to suppress her. This was even though Zi Ling didn’t even have a God Armament.

“The rest of you, go look for the formation core,” Zhao Gongyi sent a voice transmission to the others.

Zi Ling figured out what the others were trying to do and tried to stop them, but she was tied down by Zhao Gongyi and the others.


Meanwhile, Chu Feng was still inside the formation realm prepared by the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild, deciphering the Junior Blessing Formations. Finally, he finished deciphering all thirty of the formations.

He still had his own one, but he was in no rush to decipher it. He wanted to first complete his deal with the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild so that he could head elsewhere.

He had to concede that the Junior Blessing Formations were impressive. They contained not just treasures and cultivation resources, but formations too, such as body reinforcement formations and speed enhancement formations.

According to their deal, Chu Feng could choose six of the thirty treasures from the Junior Blessing Formations. He had already made up his mind as to what he wanted.

With the thirty treasures in hand, he left the formation realm and found himself in a hall. It was a different hall from the one he had seen when he entered the formation realm, and there was a person seated in the hall.

The person was neither Elder Gao Hao nor the beautiful elder. He was dressed in the robes of the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild, but his appearance was concealed behind a mask.

“Chu Feng, how many formations have you opened?” that person asked.

“You know who I am?” Chu Feng’s heart clenched up.

He had been wearing the cloak from Master Nine Zenith and disguising his voice all this while, but this person knew he was Chu Feng, and his confident voice told Chu Feng that there was no point refuting it.

“I forgot to introduce myself. I am the guild leader of the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild,” the person said as he took out a token.

It was Chu Feng’s Distinguished Token.

“I personally left a special mark on your token. That was how I recognized you,” the guild leader said.

“Ah, so it’s the leader of the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild. Were you in the auction too?” Chu Feng asked.

“Indeed.” The guild leader nodded.

“Was it your intention to have me decipher the Junior Blessing Formations too?”

“Yes, it was my intention.”

Chu Feng waved his sleeves and took out the thirty treasures he had extracted from the Junior Blessing Formations. “Guild leader, these are the items I have obtained from the Junior Blessing Formations. As agreed, I’ll take six of them.”

“Go ahead,” the guild leader said.

“I have already made up my mind. I want these six items.” Chu Feng took away six of the treasures.

“Would you like to change your mind?” the guild leader asked.

He noticed that Chu Feng had only chosen items useful to world spirits when there were protective formations here to ensure his safety. Given that he had offended the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, it would be wise for him to stockpile life-preservation means.

Yet, Chu Feng didn’t pick the protective formation.

“I have already made up my mind. I’ll take these six,” Chu Feng said.

The guild leader didn’t try to dissuade him. Instead, he said, “Chu Feng, something major happened to the world of cultivation while you were in seclusion.”

“What happened?” Chu Feng asked.

“You know the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, right?”

“I do.” Chu Feng nodded. nove(l)bi(n.)com

“It’s related to the Ancestral Martial Galaxy and the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.” The guild leader filled Chu Feng in on the details of the matter.

“Elder Guild Leader, are you certain?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes. The Ancient Era’s clans are currently sieging the Ancestral Martial Galaxy,” the guild leader said.

Chu Feng immediately dashed out. He knew that he might not be able to make it in time, but he couldn’t just sit still and reach. However, when he walked out of the hall, he was taken aback.

Outside the hall wasn’t a corridor, a palace, or an auction. It was vast space.

There were two spirit formation gates in space, and they had unleashed two formation light pillars to attack the Ancestral Martial Galaxy,

It was only then that Chu Feng realized he wasn’t in the auction but on a discreet floating warship.

“Elder, you...” Chu Feng looked at the guild leader in surprise. He didn’t know what had happened.

It turned out the guild leader had transferred the formation realm from the auction hall to this floating warship so that they could transport Chu Feng here.

“That protective formation might be formidable, but the Ancient Era’s clans have experts too. They saw through the opening of the protective formation and sent their juniors into that realm via their formation. If the formation core located in that realm is destroyed, the protective formation will unravel too. We’re still a distance away, so you might not make it in time if you travel at your usual speed. Why don’t you consider picking again?” the guild leader said as he gestured toward the remaining 24 items.

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