Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 1194 Bonus : Married Life (End)

It was well known that Director Song was not only born into a prestigious family but was also the wife of the wealthy Huo Yunque.

They had been together since she was in high school and finally got married after she graduated from college.

The next year, they had their own children, who were twins.

In everyone's eyes, they lived a happy life and were winners in life.

However, in the eyes of those with negative energy, they always made infuriating comments on the internet.

In the first year.

Haters: "Did Song Yaoyao get abandoned today?"

Fans: "Thank you for your concern. My goddess is married!"

In the second year.

Haters: "Men become bad when they have money. I'll just wait and see!"

Fans: "Our goddess is a mother! Congratulations!"

The third year.

Haters: "I heard someone is pregnant with Mr. Huo's child! Hahaha, I knew it!"

Huo Yunque: "I got a vasectomy."

Haters: "..."

The fourth year.

The fifth year.

The sixth year...

The haters waited and waited until their hair turned white. Instead of waiting for the news that their relationship had broken up, they saw that their lives were getting better and better.

Some people said that Mr. Huo used to be a god in heaven, but because he met Song Yaoyao, he voluntarily became a mortal.

These days, they no longer avoided the media. Therefore, occasionally, the reporters could film Huo Yunque going to the set to see Song Yaoyao, or picking her up from work.

Song Yaoyao filmed one film per year. Half the year was reserved for work, and half the year was reserved for her family.

In their third year of marriage, Song Yaoyao's sci-fi zombie movie, which she had been shooting for a long time, was finally produced and released. After being released for a week, it earned two billion at the box office. When it was released, her movie broke the box office record for a domestic movie.

In her twenties, she had already won all the domestic and international awards. The achievement she had achieved was a goal that countless directors could never achieve in their lifetime.

When Song Yaoyao became a top director, Tang Xinrou didn't fall behind and won the title of Best Actress. The friendship between the two was enviable.

Meanwhile, Xia Rao gradually disappeared from the stage and focused on her skincare brand.

Because of the powerful appeal of the best actress, even when passersby and anti-fans suspected that she was making cheap products to earn money, they were still snapped up by fans when the first batch of skincare products arrived in store.

Those who wanted to see a joke obviously wouldn't buy the product at an expensive price, but that didn't stop them from criticizing Xia Rao's brand on the Internet.

Not long after, all the female celebrities started to mention this product on their Weibos and cried out, "YX's product is too hard to buy! Sister Xia, please give us special access!"

Haters: "Hehe, they hired so many people to create hype. They must have spent a lot of money, right?"

The passers-by who really bought YX's product and fell deeply in love with it: "Ahhh f*ck! It's so good, it's so good, it's so good!"

"As expected, it's always right to believe in my goddess!"

"The rise of Chinese products, go!"

"The pride of Chinese products! We should make more of our own high-end skincare products! I'm going crazy!"

Haters: "So many paid comments."

They insisted that all the positive comments they saw were part of a marketing campaign and said they would wait to see the brand collapse. But they waited and waited. When YX became popular abroad, it became the most common thing on the makeup tables of all the major beauty bloggers, European and American celebrities, and supermodels.

Even in China, images of foreign purchasing agents swarming into shopping malls and snapping up YX appeared.

The brand was even singled out and praised by official sources.

Haters: "... " It was another day of face slapping.

Then, Xia Rao, in a Weibo update said, "@SongYaoyao YX cannot do without you."

Fans: "Explanation: YX's main developer is our Goddess Song!"

"Ahhh, this is what you call a true genius!"

"Song Yaoyao, is there anything else we don't know about you?

Haters: "Haha, you spend all your time on purchasing comments. We all know that you're a director, but if we didn't, we would have thought you were some famous celebrity! If you're so capable, then you should be able to enter the National Research Institute!"

Official: "@SongYaoyao You are welcome to join the National Research Institute!"

Fans: "Ahhh!"

Anti-fans: "F*ck... Song Yaoyao, is there anything that you don't know?"

Haters slandered Song Yaoyao for decades, hoping that they would be able to see her fail.Visit no(v)eLb(i)n.𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

However, the truth was destined to disappoint them...

In Song Yaoyao's first year at the National Research Institute, there was a huge breakthrough in an anti-cancer drug.

In the second year, she developed an anti-cancer drug that could treat leukemia.

In the third year, the anti-cancer drug was upgraded. It could kill dozens of types of cancer cells in the body, and it was sold at a very favorable price to Chinese people.

In the third year...

In the fourth year...

Good news came one after another, and her achievements grew higher and higher.

The most admirable thing was that she did not keep a single cent of the patent fees, and donated them all!

Later on, there were fewer and fewer haters and more and more fans.

No one knew when it started, but no one said that Song Yaoyao was not good enough for Huo Yunque anymore. Instead, they started to say that he must have saved the world in his previous life to end up with her.

Huo Yunque chuckled and kissed the sleeping little woman in his arms.

I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

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