My Backyard is the Tang Dynasty

Chapter 443: season finale!

After dealing with the affairs of the Great Food Kingdom, Li Yin returned to Chang'an. Two months later, the expeditionary force launched an attack on Eastern Rome. The war lasted only three months. The once glorious Roman Empire came to an end in the hands of Li Yin. Then, the expeditionary force entered Europe and wiped out the scattered forces there. At this time, the expeditionary forces in other places also began to go to the oceans to conquer other places that had not yet set foot, including Africa and the American continent. This long journey of conquest It took a full ten years, and another ten years, and the Tang Empire basically completed its rule over the occupied territories. 'top' point 'novel' x.

Under Li Min's various methods, the entire world has initially successfully integrated, especially in East Asia. In thirty years, the cultural relics in these areas have disappeared, and all of them respect the culture of the Tang Dynasty. The young people don’t remember the disappearing countries such as Wa and Goguryeo. They only know the country of the Tang Empire in their mouths, and the older generation don’t have any nostalgia for the past countries, because their lives are because of The Great Tang Empire has improved countless times. Faced with such a superior life, they unconditionally chose to admit their identity as a citizen of the Great Tang. As for the big food countries and Europe, although this kind of assimilation is difficult, they are gradually adapting to their new identities in the face of the attraction of a high-quality life. Although they are not as thorough as the assimilation of the East, there have never been any riots Li Yin believes that it will not take long for them to fully integrate into the Tang Empire.

"Your Majesty, have you really made up your mind?" Li Yin is now over fifty years old and has a house full of descendants. Sometimes he can't even count his own sons and daughters. Over the years, the changes in Tang Dynasty are getting faster and faster. It can be said that Today's level of science and technology has even surpassed that of decades of modern times. More than 40 years of scientific education has cultivated a large number of scientific and technological talents. These people are now constantly replacing the positions of intelligent people and gradually becoming the main force of Datang Technology.

  Li Ran quietly accompanied Li Yin. With the popularization of modern knowledge, people's minds are becoming more and more open, and the network is highly developed, which makes the transmission speed of various types of information reach a terrifying speed. With the high development of civilization, Li Yin is getting more and more Feeling that the feudal system is no longer suitable for the Tang Empire at this time, this brand new civilization needs a suitable system.

Li Yin said slowly: "The development of history will always eliminate some obsolete things. As technology is being updated, the management system of this civilization also needs to be updated, but we don't learn from the modern earth. We directly jump to six hundred years later." Li Ran nodded when he heard the words. What Li Min meant was to let the robots serve humans directly, "Well, okay, now Datang people are no longer unfamiliar with robots, so there is nothing wrong with implementing it this way."

Standing up, Li Yin looked at Li Ran who had no expression and said with emotion: "Old man, I really thank you all these years. Without you, Datang would not have developed to where it is today. This is all thanks to your support. Now I have to keep you busy again. I always think that human energy should not only be spent on basic necessities of life and fighting with each other. Everyone should have the right to do what he likes instead of being restricted by material things, except for the earth. We are still facing the vast starry sky. I would rather let the common people focus on scientific research and wait for the day when human beings can enter the interstellar era."

   Li Ran showed a confused look, he could never understand what emotion is. During these years of getting along, Li Yin has regarded him as a friend, but Li Ran can't understand what friendship is. He said: "This is a reasonable development model."The sourc𝗲 of this content nov(𝒆l)bi((n))

Facing Tang people who were becoming more and more emancipated, the conversation between Li Yin and Li Ran basically determined the future development model of the Tang Dynasty. Not long after, Li Yin announced the abolition of the special rights of the aristocratic class, and everyone was equal before the law. Moreover, the term "citizen" was adopted for the first time, and there is no such thing as monarch and minister anymore, but Li Yin decided to keep the royal family, but the royal family will no longer have the right to rule the country for generations, and it will only be used as a symbol of the country. Only those who are recognized by the citizens of Datang can govern the country.

Faced with this kind of reform, the Tang people were very calm. For them, this change should have come long ago. Therefore, after Li Yin announced this measure, it did not cause much impact. In fact, Li Yin has been In the era of silently changing the society towards equality for everyone, this claim is only a superficial article. In essence, Datang's is basically the same.

The royal family no longer has absolute power, but Li Yin was still elected by the people to be responsible for the governance of the country because of his high prestige. The only ones who were disappointed were probably Li Yin’s heirs. Some unreconciled princes took actions against Li Yin, especially the princes in remote provinces, openly demanding independence from the Tang Empire, but Li Yin used tough measures to suppress these waves again. The prince realized that they were far from being his father's opponents, so they had to obediently follow the development of social trends.

The reform of the imperial court is easy to say, but it takes time to implement it. For the rest of the time, Li Yin focused on improving the management system and integrating robots into the society of the Tang Dynasty. It took another thirty years until Li Yin Retirement, the Datang Empire has basically completed a new type of society where robots provide services to humans, and the citizens of Datang during this period are undoubtedly happy. After they are born, they don’t need to worry about basic necessities of life. They can have enough time to study, play, Falling in love, doing what you like to do, instead of being overwhelmed by houses, cars, and tickets every day, life is an experience of enjoyment rather than pain for them.

Of course, this does not mean that they can do nothing and corrupt the society like parasites. Their noble national qualities allow them to voluntarily take on social responsibilities, whether they are street sweepers, scientific research institutions, or government officials. Do it, because it is not about money, but about the reciprocity of obligations and responsibilities. This is the meaning of Datang Citizen.

Society is changing rapidly, because there is a blank area, the acceptance of science and technology in the Tang Empire is even higher than that of modern society, because they are easy to accept some strange theories, but modern society will resist some knowledge because of the residue of old ideas At the age of ninety, when Li Yin was ninety years old, space travel had become a common thing. The technology of Datang Technology has successfully surpassed modern society, and modern society has basically formed a human federation at this time, but it is still the relationship between various countries. At the behest of Li Yin, all intelligent people were withdrawn from modern society, because Li Yin was worried that the space-time gate would be discovered, which would lead to a conflict between the two worlds.

"Old man, are you visiting the grave again this year?" In the royal cemetery outside Chang'an City, Li Yin leaned on a cane and walked among the tombstones. The names of Cui Yingying, Su Mo'er and others were engraved on these tombstones. Time flies, suddenly Looking back, Li Yin found that he was already alone.

Turning his rotting body, Li Yin looked at an old man guarding the tomb. He had been guarding the tomb for twenty years, and he saw Li Yin calling him affectionately all the time. However, Li Yin has retired long ago. It's not too much, he said with a smile: "Yeah, come and see them, people, that's the way it is, no matter how brilliant your life is, it's just a pile of loess in the end. For that? Hey..."

  The cemetery guard was stunned for a moment when he heard the words, and looked at Li Yin's nostalgic expression, and he didn't want to disturb him anymore, but left quietly.

The entire cemetery was silent without a sound. Li Yin walked past the tombstones one by one, thinking about his life constantly in his mind, sometimes smiling, sometimes frowning, but no matter what happened in the past, it has now become a cloud of the past. Traces of memory and a touch of nostalgia.

   After staying in the cemetery for a while, Li Yan left quietly. The next day, a spaceship that took off from Australia left the earth. Li Ran on the spaceship was still young, and it seemed that he had never changed.

"Old man, it's time for us to say goodbye." Li Min stroked the ring in his hand, then handed it to Li Ran, and said, "Launch it into the sun, I don't want anyone else to get it. "

   After receiving the ring, Li Ran glanced at Li Yin, whose signs of life were getting weaker and weaker. He understood that the master was about to leave him. A tear suddenly fell down at this moment, but he still faithfully carried out the order.

  Looking at a ray of light rushing towards a distant star, Li Yin smiled with satisfaction, and this smile became eternity...

  In the 60th year of the Tang Empire, the founding emperor Li Yin passed away, and the whole country was in grief. In order to commemorate the great achievements of Li Yin's life, a statue was permanently erected in the center of the Tang Empire and became the eternal symbol of the Tang Empire... (End of the book)

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