Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Go Forth With The Dreams Of A Young Man

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The next day, Lu Ming went to the Lu Family library and picked an Inferior Yellow Level martial arts technique for Qiu Yue. It was the Jade Cloud Technique.

Lu Ming was not petty enough to be reluctant to share the True War Dragon Technique with Qiu Yue. Instead, it was because the technique was more suitable for males as it was extremely powerful, so it was not fitting for Qiu Yue to cultivate. If the technique was not suitable, it did not matter how superior it was because it would sometimes even do more bad than good.


The Jade Cloud Technique was gentle yet firm, so it was very compatible with Qiu Yue.

Lu Ming also picked out the Graceful Light Sword Technique, which was an Inferior Yellow Level martial arts technique, for Qiu Yue.

Now, nobody dared to utter a single word when he was picking a martial arts technique.

After Lu Ming selected the martial arts techniques, he headed towards the Elixir Hall to purchase a batch of Dragon Tiger Pills to help Qiu Yue’s cultivation.

While he was purchasing the Dragon Tiger Pills, he learned that Mu Lan was no longer at the Elixir Hall. According to the staff from the Elixir Hall, Mu Lan had returned to the Mystical Sword Sect.

Mu Lan’s position as the Hall Master of the Elixir Hall was merely a trial. Now that the trial was over, naturally, she returned to the Mystical Sword Sect.

After handing the martial arts techniques and pills to Qiu Yue, Lu Ming returned to his room and entered the Supreme Shrine. He consumed a Qi-condensating Pill and started to cultivate.

Just like the other pills, after he swallowed the Qi-condensating Pill, a strong force emanated from his spine and started to absorb the medicinal properties of the pill apart from refining the impurities of the pill. Lu Ming then converted the influx of pure energy into Essential Qi.

The Qi-condensating Pill was an Inferior Second Level pill, which was more potent than the Dragon Tiger Pill. However, it paled in comparison to the Spirit Soul Pill.

Lu Ming’s cultivation was advancing without pause.

However, his Essential Qi was twice as dense as normal Essential Qi. If he wanted to improve it, he would require more energy, to be exact, around three times the amount of normal Essential Qi.

It meant that if he wanted to improve his cultivation, he would need to spend three times the amount of energy of what a normal person required.

There was no way around it. Being strong meant that he had to put in more effort.

After all ten Qi-condensating Pills were refined, Lu Ming’s cultivation advanced from beginner of Third Grade Warrior Realm to beginner of Fourth Grade Warrior Realm.

They were worth 20,000 silver taels, but Lu Ming had only advanced by a single grade. It was definitely a luxury, one that other people could not afford.

Even an elite disciple of the Lu Family could only redeem two Qi-condensating Pills in a year.

Lu Ming was not satisfied with this rate. After he finished the ten Qi-condensating Pills, he visited the Elixir Hall again and purchased 30 Qi-condensating Pills in one go. He received a 10% discount, so the total was 54,000 silver taels.

In one go, there were only around 15,000 taels left from 130,000 silvers that he had obtained from the Psammophic Pirates.

Lu Ming continued with his cultivation after purchasing the pills.

In the later stages of cultivation, a greater amount of energy was needed. After Lu Ming refined all 30 Qi-condensating Pills, his cultivation advanced to a mere beginner of Sixth Grade Warrior Realm.

Over a month had passed after he consolidated his foundation. There was only half a month left before the day when the Mystical Sword Sect opened its doors for recruitment.

Lu Ming had reaped many benefits over the course of that month and a half. Not only did his cultivation advance at a rapid pace, but his cultivation of martial arts techniques were also progressing swiftly.

The Flame Dragon Fist and the Dragon Serpent Steps were cultivated to the Fifth Stage which was the Perfect Divine-like Usage stage.

The Superior Yellow Level sword technique, the Lustrous Sword Technique, had been cultivated to the Fourth Stage which was the Mastery of Technique stage.

Lu Ming’s power experienced a substantial rise compared to the House Meeting a month and a half ago.

However, Qiu Yue was the most shocking. With just the Jade Cloud Technique and the Tiger Dragon Pills, Que Yue actually managed to open three divine meridians over the course of a month and a half.

Lu Ming was able to open three divine meridians thanks to the help of the Divine Level martial arts technique – True War Dragon Technique and the peculiar incomplete blood meridian.

However, Qiu Yue’s blood meridians had yet to awaken! She was also cultivating an Inferior Yellow Level martial arts technique at a terrifying pace. Despite that, Lu Ming and Li Ping were unquestionably happy for her.

On that day, Lu Ming was prepared to make a move and set out for the Mystical Sword Sect.

“Mother, here’s 10,000 silver notes. Keep it for future use!” He produced a stack of silver notes in the courtyard and handed it over to Li Ping.

“Ming’er, what are you doing? You’ll be heading to the Mystical Sword Sect where there’ll be plenty of places where you need silver to cultivate. Why are you giving it to me? I’ll be at the Lu Residence where I’m short of nothing.” Li Ping quickly pushed the silver notes back to Lu Ming.

“Mother, I’ve encountered a miracle. I don’t need any money! You should keep it and take the time to spend it in the future.”

Seeing how confident and firm Lu Ming was, Li Ping did not reject the notes and kept them away. While she gazed at his sharp gaze, Li Ping felt an incomparable sense of comfort and pride. Her son had finally achieved greatness.

“Ming’er, allow Qiu Yue to accompany you to the Mystical Sword Sect this time!” Li Ping smiled gently after a moment of pondering.

On the side, Qiu Yue’s expression shifted. “Madam! Who will take care of you if I’m gone?”

“Silly girl, don’t I have Chun Tao and the three girls now? There’s no need to worry that nobody will take care of me. Furthermore, you’re gifted in martial arts. It would be a waste if you stayed with me,” Li Ping said as she patted Qiu Yue on the head.

“Madam!” Qiu Yue started to sniffle as tears welled up in her eyes.

Lu Ming exclaimed in delight because it was true that Qiu Yue had a talent for martial arts, so staying with the Lu Family was truly a waste of talent.

Lu Ming shared the same thought of bringing Qiu Yue to the Mystical Sword Sect to see if she could join the school. Perhaps, someone in the Mystical Sword Sect could help her awaken her blood meridian.

“Alright, Ming’er, it isn’t early anymore. You should start moving now!” Li Ping reminded.

“Then, we’ll take our leave now, Mother. Please take care of yourself!” Lu Ming felt reluctant to leave.

“Off you go. Be careful!” Li Ping smiled.

“Madam, please take care of yourself! I’ll come back to visit you,” Qiu Yue said with teary eyes.

“Off you go!” Li Ping nodded encouragingly.

Lu Ming responded with a bob of his head. Without saying much, he turned and left along with Qiu Yue. New n𝙤vel chapters are published on

Some things were best done instead of spoken.

As she watched Lu Ming’s disappearing figure, Li Ping’s eyes started to redden. “Ming’er, I believe that you’ll truly be a strong person the next time I see you, just like your father!” she murmured to herself.


Lu Ming arrived at the Lu Family stables with Qiu Yue. Qiu Yue had never learned how to ride a horse, so they just took a green-scaled horse and left the city.

Outside the Fiery Wind City, Lu Ming flicked the reins in his hands. The green-scaled horse galloped like the raging wind, leaving a trail of dust behind.

In a vast and boundless land, Qiu Yue was wrapped in Lu Ming’s arms. As they galloped into the far distance, he sniffed the faint fragrance coming from her hair. A sudden surge of ambition and pride surged in his heart.

To drink and lie upon a beauty’s lap, and to travel the world with naught but a sword in hand; to return favors and grudges, and be accompanied by a loved one-these were the dreams of a young man.

A young man’s dreams would forever be distant.

He would grip a bottle of unfiltered wine and write a song about lost love, living life to the fullest! He would be a hero that traveled the land with naught but a sword in hand with his pride as strong as his blood, spreading through the lands!

Since Lu Ming had acquired the Supreme Shrine in this life and risen from the ashes, he was not going to live a normal life!

The Fiery Wind City was merely the start, and the Mystical Sword Sect was not going to be the end. His life was fated to be filled with action!

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