Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Assassination, Shadow Dragon Pavilion

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The entire place started to ring with the sound of deep breaths being sucked in.

Everyone on the third floor was staring at Lu Ming with shocked expressions. They guessed that Lu Ming had dared to send the thin youth flying because he did not know who Wei Ziming was. If he had known about Wei Ziming’s identity, Lu Ming would never have dared to make a move.

However, they never expected Lu Ming to take even harsher action after finding out who Wei Ziming was. He was simply domineering!

“Brat! You’ve got guts! Tell me your name!” Wei Ziming rose shakily. He was reining his temper in as he glared at Lu Ming resentfully.

“I’m Lu Ming.” Lu Ming smiled feebly as he calmly announced his name. He was not even afraid of the Duanmu Family, so why should he be scared of the Wei Family?

“Alright, we shall see!” Wei Ziming hissed through gritted teeth. He then limped down the stairs with the thin youth.

“The way I see it, Wei Ziming will definitely never let it slide. He’ll get his vengeance!”

“That’s for certain! The Guardian Fire City has always been run under tyranny. Given that Wei Ziming was disgraced in such a manner, there’s no way they’ll let it slide!”

“Wei Ziyou, Wei Ziming’s little brother, is a rare prodigy in the Wei Family. He came to join the Mystical Sword Sect’s recruitment drive and is considered among the strongest hundred in this batch of newbies. He’ll probably look into it now that his elder brother has taken such a humiliating beating!”

The restaurant was in heated discussion after Wei Ziming left. Meanwhile, Lu Ming merely smiled and continued to enjoy his meal with Qiu Yue.

Outside the restaurant, a dark, resentful expression hung on Wei Ziming’s face.

“Young Master, should we look for Second Young Master and let him deal with that rascal?” the thin youth asked.

“Of course, we have to tell my little brother, but there’s no need to make a move now. The Mystical Sword Sect recruitment drive will start in another two days. After the recruitment drive, the new disciples from all four halls of the school will go through a trial, except for Qilin Hall. Little Brother will kill Lu Ming then. I want him to experience the despair of dying right after joining the Mystical Sword Sect!” Wei Ziming said ruthlessly.


After Lu Ming and Qiu Yue finished their meal, they spent a little while longer strolling the streets of the Mystical Sword City. They then found themselves an inn and booked two rooms.

Lu Ming sat on his haunches after entering his room. He let out a joyful expression as he felt the faint itch emanating from his spine. After nearly four months, he could finally feel that his blood meridian was about to be completely grown.

There was just one more step left. Lu Ming could feel that it would take around three days to half a month before the blood meridian would complete its growth.

His blood meridian had already showcased miraculous effects before it could even finish growing. Lu Ming was excited to see what abilities it would have after completing its growth and what level it would be.

After feeling it for a while, Lu Ming started to cultivate by reciting the True War Dragon Technique. Spiritual energy from all around started to gather towards him.

Soon, night arrived. The inn was enveloped in a veil of silence.

Shift... Shift...

Lu Ming suddenly snapped his eyes wide open when he heard something breaking the silence outside his room.

Although it was only a slight rustle, it did not escape Lu Ming’s ears.

There were five figures outside his room. Two of them were outside the door while the other three were next to the window.

Suddenly, the door and window opened simultaneously. The five figures darted in like a flash of lightning as the glint of five sharp black blades flickered towards Lu Ming with the intent to kill.

Their movements were quick, concise, and ruthless. It was clearly the actions of trained assassins.


Lu Ming took action the moment the five figures darted into the room. His figure flashed as the Onyx Blade Sword turned into a trail of light and sliced through flesh in one go.


Blood splashed everywhere as Lu Ming immediately sliced one of the assassins’ throat.

Clink! Clink!

Another glint from the blade followed closely. Like thunder flashing in the dark, Lu Ming spun around and another two assassins fell by his hand.

The three assassins instantly went down not because they were weak. In fact, they were far from weak. The trio that Lu Ming had slain had reached Sixth Grade Warrior Realm whereas the remaining two had cultivated up to Seventh Grade Warrior Realm.

With an ambush by such a lineup, even an ace on Eighth Grade Warrior Realm would be slain. Lu Ming was alive simply because he was even stronger and had already noticed them.

“Dang it! The intel about the target’s power was inaccurate. Retreat!” One of the assassins yelped in surprise and frantically backed away.

“Since you’ve already come, you might as well stay!”

The moment Lu Ming finished his sentence in an icy tone, he used the Dragon Serpent Steps. After he appeared behind the assassin in a single step, he lashed out with his blade and a dismembered head landed on the floor.

He then took a few more steps and caught up with the next person.

After he realized that he could not escape, the remaining assassin yelled as he plunged towards Lu Ming without a care for his own life, “Die!”


The Flame Dragon Fist erupted and two consecutive hits landed on the assassin’s body.

Blasted back by the blows, the assassin crashed into the wall and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Speak. Who are you? Who sent you here?” Lu Ming demanded in an icy tone.

“Hehe, so what if I told you? We’re from the Shadow Wolf Pavilion. Someone paid to end your life, but as for who it is, you’ll never find out. Be prepared for the Shadow Wolf Pavilion’s relentless hunt, Lu Ming!”


After the assassin said that, black blood spewed from his mouth. He had actually committed suicide by poison.

“The Shadow Wolf Pavilion?” Lu Ming furrowed his brows.

He had heard of the Shadow Wolf Pavilion before. It was one of the four largest assassin groups in the Blazing Sun Empire. They had a large circle of influence and specifically dealt in paid assassinations. However, they were extremely secretive as nobody knew where the headquarters of the Shadow Wolf Pavilion was.

Hence, the four assassin groups were loathed by many, but there was no way to remove them by the roots.

Some even said that these four assassin groups were backed and cultivated by the five main sects as tools to deal with the rising prodigies.

Still, it was nothing but a rumor since nobody knew what the truth was.

‘Who would hire assassins from the Shadow Wolf Pavilion to bring me down?’ Lu Ming furrowed his brows.

The first thing that came to his mind was Lu Yao, Lu Yunxiong, and the Duanmu Family. These people were the most susceptible bunch as well as Wei Ziming.

However, the odds of it being Wei Ziming were not high since he already had a gist of how powerful Lu Ming was. The assassin just now had exclaimed that Lu Ming’s strength did not add up to the intel they received.

If that was the case, it was most likely Lu Yao, Lu Yunxiong, and the Duanmu Family.

‘It seems like there are shadows on the prowl in the Mystical Sword Sect!’ Lu Ming sneered as his eyes flashed with killing intent.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Qiu Yue walked out of her room and was shocked when she saw the bodies lying on the ground.

The commotion just now had startled the other guests staying at the inn.

“Qiu Yue, let’s go. We’re changing inns!”

Lu Ming grabbed Qiu Yue as he jumped out of the window and sprinted forward. The duo traversed in the dark and stopped at a different inn after half an hour.

In the next two days, neither of them took a step out of their rooms. Except for food, they spent their time cultivating behind closed doors.

Two days soon passed in the blink of an eye.

The Mystical Sword Sect’s annual recruitment drive officially started.

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