Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 6


Lu Ming carefully scanned the area and found the road to the peak as expected. Although the path was steep, Lu Ming’s cultivation was enough for him to ascend.

Lu Ming followed the path and climbed towards the top with joy.

After ten minutes or so, Lu Ming reached the mountain peak.

It seemed as if the Psommophis Pirates did not expect anyone to know of this route, so they were at ease. There was nobody guarding the area.

It was quiet on the mountain peak. Everyone had probably gone to stop the Li Family.

Following Li Feng’s description, Lu Ming headed towards the chambers of the Psommophis Pirates’ leader. According to Li Feng, the leader hid all the loot he had gathered over the years under the bed in his chambers.

If it were not because the Psommophis Pirates’ leader’s mistress needed to pretend to be a normal person to purchase goods in Fiery Wind City, which resulted in her being charmed by Li Feng, there would actually be nobody who knew where the leader hid his treasure.

After some time, Lu Ming reached the Psommophis Pirates’ leader’s chambers. As expected, he found two large chests and a smaller one after removing the floorboards under the bed.

The large chests were filled with shining silver, while the smaller chest was filled with silver notes.

Lu Ming was overjoyed. There was no time for him to count, so he gathered all the loot into the Supreme Shrine and dashed away, retracing the route he had taken.

Lu Ming did not stop after descending the mountain, he continued on and returned to Fiery Wind City.

It did not matter whether the Li Family won or lost this time, it was already fated to be a vain attempt.

A few hours later, Lu Ming returned to the Lu Family. The moment he returned, he briskly greeted Li Ping and returned to his room. He entered the Supreme Shrine and frantically started counting.

The total amount shocked Lu Ming.

There were a hundred thousand taels worth of silver notes in the small chest, and thirty thousand taels worth of silver in the large chests combined.

It was a total of one hundred and thirty thousand taels.

Evidently, the Psammophis Pirates had stolen a lot of treasure from all their years of plundering. It all belonged to Lu Ming now.

“With all this silver, I’ll be able to purchase large amounts of Dragon Tiger Pills for cultivation. Lu Yao, don’t you even think about gaining control of the Lu Family during the House Meeting that is a month from now. Also, I’ll be retaking what belongs to me.”

Lu Ming clenched his fists together, his eyes were filled with unyielding determination.

After that, Lu Ming left the Supreme Shrine and headed for Fiery Wind City’s market.

Fiery Wind City’s market was the busiest part of the city. There were various types of shops there.

Examples of such were medicine shops, weapon shops, material shops and more. Merchants from different lands came and went, there was an endless stream of people.

On the way, Lu Ming purchased a black robe as well as a black bamboo hat. He wrapped himself in the robe and hat.

He was looking to purchase a large amount of Dragon Tiger Pills. He could not let anyone discover his identity.

The Elixir Hall was the Fiery Wind City’s largest shop for trading medicine pills. It was comfortably wide as it spanned nearly seven thousand square meters and was four stories high.

Apparently, the Elixir Hall had a strong background, as the Mystical Sword Sectl was backing them up.

The moment he stepped into the Elixir Hall, he was immediately approached by a young lady. “Dear Esteemed Guest, is there something that you’re looking for?”

She had seen many weird customers before, so she did not find Lu Ming’s black robe and hat weird.

More than that, transactions were usually bigger when it came from weird customers like him.

“I want to buy Dragon Tiger Pills. What’s the price over here?”

Lu Ming purposely lowered his pitch so that it would sound deeper, making him seem like a middle-aged man around the age of thirty.

“Esteemed Guest, an Inferior First Level Dragon Tiger Pill costs a hundred silver taels for each pill. A Mediocre First Level Dragon Tiger Pill costs three hundred silver taels for each pill. A Superior First Level Dragon Tiger Pill costs a thousand silver taels for each pill. May I know what grade you’re purchasing, and how much of it?”

The female assistant asked.

Medicine pills were also categorized into nine Levels, with three different qualities for each Level.

“Thirty Inferior First Levels, and thirty Mediocre First Levels,” Lu Ming said.

“T-that many?” The female assistant was shocked, followed by a surge of happiness. Her attitude became more respectful. “Esteemed Guest, the price of your purchase is over ten thousand silver taels. I can’t make the decision on this, so the Hall Master will have to take over. Please wait a moment as I report this to the Hall Master.” The sourc𝗲 of this content nov(𝒆l)bi((n))

After saying that, the female assistant ran into the backroom.

After a moment, the female assistant returned. “Esteemed Guest, our Hall Master has invited you to the backroom for a talk,” she said.

Lu Ming nodded and followed the girl into the backroom.

The female assistant poured a cup of tea for Lu Ming and left.

The backroom was elegantly decorated. Lu Ming took a few casual glances as he lifted his cup to take a few sips.

At that moment, a fragrant scent drifted in. A maiden around the age of twenty walked in.

The maiden was wearing a red dress. She had a slender figure and looked extremely beautiful.

“Dear Esteemed Guest, I am the Hall Owner of the Elixir Hall, Mu Lan. I heard that you wished to purchase thirty Inferior First Level Dragon Tiger Pills, and thirty Mediocre First Level Dragon Tiger Pills?”

Her voice was pleasant to the ears.

Lu Ming took a deep breath and lowered his voice, “That’s right!”

“We usually give a ten percent discount to customers who spend more than ten thousand taels in a single transaction. The total for your pills is twelve thousand silver taels. After the discount, it would be ten thousand and eight hundred taels.”

Mu Lan said in a delicate voice as her stunning eyes scanned Lu Ming’s body.

“Then thank you, Hall Master Mu,” Lu Ming said with clasped hands.

After that, Mu Lan clapped her hands. A young girl who seemed like a maid entered the room with two boxes. There were thirty Dragon Tiger Pills in each box.

Lu Ming took out ten thousand and eight hundred silver notes, and passed it to Mu Lan.

“Hall Master Mu, I shall be taking my leave now.” Lu Meng received the Dragon Tiger Pills and bid Mu Lan goodbye.

“Dear Esteemed Guest, if you still need to purchase medicine pills, do come to Elixir Hall, everything will be discounted by ten percent.” Mu Lan smiled as she approached Lu Ming, she was stunningly beautiful.

Lu Ming’s heart skipped a beat. He frantically clasped his hands and hurriedly left, as if he was escaping.

Gazing in the direction that Lu Ming was heading, the edges of Mu Lan’s lips raised ever so slightly. “Interesting!” she said.

“My Lady, from how I see it, although he was wearing a bamboo hat, he seemed pretty normal. What’s so interesting?” A maid asked curiously.

“Xiao Ye, can’t you tell? He deliberately lowered his pitch to pretend to be a middle-aged man. He was merely a youth, and in Fiery Wind City, there aren’t many youths who can produce ten thousand silver taels so easily,” Mu Lan smiled.

“Furthermore, my blood meridian gifted me with extraordinary perception. I could feel that his blood meridian was rather peculiar. It seemed like it possesses formidable power, but is incomplete, as if it was still growing. Is that not interesting?”

“My Lady, from what you said, it really does seem quite interesting,” the maid blinked.

“Xiao Ye, if this person returns, you must tell me!” Mu Lan’s eyes glinted with curiosity.

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