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Chapter 2980: Final battle (grand finale)

'really. ’

‘The Page of Immortality is a man-made object, made by Mo Wujue. ’

‘Because the power of the white world is involved, the incomplete system cannot parse its detailed information. ’

Su Lang flashed in his heart, and immediately asked, "Then, the mysterious text on the page of immortality that seems to describe the life of a warrior..."

"I wrote it by myself."

"For countless years, I have swallowed thousands of half-step immortal strong men with this method, and I have come to this step."

"Their lives have been recorded by me on the page of immortality that merged with them."

"But even if the immortal page is so obvious, no one doubts it."

"Some people may doubt, but the page of eternal life has become the only way to detachment in the eyes of the world, and they have no choice."

"If I don't show up, you successfully defeat the clone I created, and you will also become a member of the page of immortality."

The deity Mo Wujue said with a nasty smile.

'Ha ha! ’

‘My uncle is a man who wants to reach the realm of immortality upright, so he won’t take any shortcuts. ’

‘What’s more, this uncle has long seen that there is a problem with the page of eternal life. ’

Su Lang slandered in his heart, and continued to ask, "Those pages of immortality that have been fused, with words, why are there eternal warriors who can merge?"

"The used pages of immortality can be fused."

"However, those who merge will undoubtedly die. The smoother the fusion, the faster they die."

"The so-called'fit' is also a trap I set."

"The reason is for everyone to fight for more pages of eternal life, in order to fit their own one."

"This is also part of the great battle. The collapse of the Universe White World is the last step in the maturity of the blank page of immortality."

Mo Wujue said lightly, "What else do you want to ask? If not, you can die."

"Do not."

"I still have questions."

"The realm of immortality involves the power of the endless universe and the power of the white world."

"Then, why don't you use the three big cosmic beads, they are the treasures of the endless universe."

Su Lang smiled and said, "You are so powerful, it's impossible not to get the three big transforming universe beads."

"The three major cosmic beads?"

"That is indeed the three most advanced powers in the endless universe!"

"If you can swallow and use the power of the three major transformation cosmic beads, you will definitely be able to directly integrate the power of the white world and advance to the realm of immortality!"

"But because they are too advanced, they are not something that a half-step immortal warrior can use."

"I have collected the three great cosmic beads long ago, and tried many times, but they all failed."

"So, I just throw it out and let the people in the endless universe help me suppress the Universe White World."

"After all, there is no eternal life in one day, and it needs to rely on the existence of the endless universe."

"Now that I have reached the last step, I will enter the realm of immortality after devouring the fused person this time."

"Even if the endless universe is destroyed, it will have no effect on me."

"Of course, I will probably save a part of the endless universe with the three cosmic beads. This is a beautiful world."

Mo Wujue finished speaking and looked at Su Lang lightly, "Anything else?"


Su Lang nodded and asked, "You are so strong, why don't you show up from the beginning and manipulate everything directly on the bright side?"

"The half-step immortal warrior needs to fuse two powers. The higher the level, the more easily the internal power is out of balance."

"I have reached the ninth step. Every time I make a shot, I have to take a big risk."

"So, why should I do everything myself if I can do things with a little trick?"

Mo Wujue shook his head, and then his voice became colder, "Now I have enough to say, and I feel comfortable, then you can also be a ghost."

"and so on."

"last question."

"Is the white world the end?"

Su Lang asked, "Above the White Realm, or below and after the White Realm, will there be a broader world?"

"do not know."

Mo Wujue's voice became a little impatient.

He raised his hand, as if to squeeze the ants to death, lightly clicked a finger!


Su Lang laughed loudly, put away the Infinity, and directly faced Mo Wujue's finger in the body of his deity.


Mo Wujue's eyes flashed, and his finger instantly touched Su Lang's body.

Su Lang faced the force of the ninth step with the force of the fourth step.

But he did not resist at all, but faced it calmly.


Under Mo Wujue's finger, Su Lang's body was torn apart.

But Mo Wujue's expression was stagnant, he felt something wrong, and looked up at the far-away universe!

In a certain universe.

Su Lang appeared out of thin air!

"Death substitution is really useful."

"Since the power of swallowing and fusing the three cosmic beads can directly reach the realm of immortality, then I'm not welcome!"

A smile was drawn at the corner of Su Lang's mouth, and the three large Zhouzhu Zhu appeared in his hand while waving.

Originally, he was not sure whether he could directly reach the realm of immortality after perfecting the system with the three cosmic beads.

But now it seems that the answer is yes.

Because the system has always returned more than the investment, and it's much bigger!


"Swallow the three major transforming universe beads!"

Su Lang did not hesitate to give orders directly!

"Ding! It was discovered that the Harmony Transformation Zhou Zhu, the Chaos Transformation Zhou Zhu, and the Mang Transformation Zhou Zhu were fusing the power of the mingling!"

"Ding! The power of Ming Ming successfully merged!"

"Ding! The system has swallowed all the power and is improving!"


"Ding! The system has been perfected and all functions have been integrated into one!"

Accompanied by a series of system prompts.

Su Lang seemed to have returned to the day he had just activated the system, and his heart was filled with endless excitement!

At this time.

Some information about the system appeared in his mind out of thin air

——After the system is perfected, all functions are integrated into the ‘one-click practice’, and the level has disappeared. Without a level, it is the most perfect one!

Su Lang clearly perceives it.

Your own system, as long as it is related to cultivation, is already omnipotent!


"I want to advance to the realm of immortality!"

Su Lang licked his lips excitedly and gave instructions in his heart.

"Ding! Promoting!"

The system prompt came.


An extremely terrifying suction power came from Su Lang, and the surrounding universe instantly turned into a blurry scene, swallowed by him!

After the universe was swallowed, the Universe White World appeared from the vacancy, and was also directly sucked into the body by Su Lang!

In a flash.

Su Lang's image turned into the center of a whirlpool, piece by piece of cosmic realm, piece of white realm of the universe, constantly pouring into his body!

An extremely powerful breath erupted from his body, and it was still rising!

Half-step immortality, fifth step, sixth step...

at the same time.

"In the end what happened!"

Mo Wujue looked at the place where Su Lang was, with a gloomy expression.

All the time, everything was in his hands, but this time there seemed to be an accident!

Su Lang seemed dead.

In fact, he is not dead, and he is still doing things in the distance!

The key is that the blank page of immortality and the three major Huazhou beads are in Su Lang's hands!

Lost the blank page of immortality.

Mo Wu absolutely couldn't let the clone merge, and then let himself take the last step.

"Damn it."

"What is the origin of this ant, and why is it so weird!"

Mo Wujue never thought that there would be someone who could not kill himself!

With a wave of his hand, he put the clone away, and immediately took a step forward, rushing to the place where Su Lang was across the world.


The closer Mo Wujue got closer, the more clearly he could feel the rising breath!

at this time.

That breath has reached the eighth step of half-step immortality!


"How is this possible!"

Mo Wujue was shocked, and the state of mind of countless years without waves caused a huge wave! !

He once again crossed a white world, and finally saw Su Lang!

At this time, Su Lang was sucking a large area of ​​the Universe and the White Realm, and directly sucking the huge area into a afterimage.

"Do not!"

"It's not true!"

"How can he absorb the universe and the white world at the same time, and can improve so fast! This is impossible!"

Mo Wu Jue was dumbfounded, and he uttered hysterical and heart-piercing screams in his heart!

He Mo Wujue spent countless years, painstaking practice, trying to avoid the limit of life, and spent countless efforts to study the page of immortality...

So much hard work and struggle made him reach his current level.

But Su Lang was able to directly swallow the power of the universe and the power of the white world. In just a few breaths, he had the fruits of countless years of hard work!

all of these.

It has completely exceeded his cognition and imagination, and he can't accept this fact at all!


"I am a real ‘turbid body’ and I have a system!"

Su Lang looked at the dumbfounded Mo Wujue, a slight smile was drawn at the corner of his mouth.

"Die to me!!"

Mo Wu never understood what Su Lang was talking about.

But he knew that it would be too late if he didn't make a move!

He burst out with all his strength in an instant, and he couldn't worry about whether the power in his body would be out of balance!


Mo Wujue was not fancy, and directly hit Su Lang with a punch.

The power that can easily destroy the universe, instantly smashed to the vicinity of Su Lang!

But at this moment.

Two figures emerged and exploded! !

It was the two Xing Cuanyun He clones that activated the clones to blew up!

With the improvement of Su Lang's strength, the strength of the two Star Cuanyun He clones has long been not comparable to before, and all have reached a level close to the ninth step.

At this time, the avatar was launched to explode, and suddenly burst out a hundred times the power of its own limit!


The explosive power of the two clones directly blocked Mo Wujue's punch.

The unspeakable aftermath of the battle swept around, and a large number of cosmic domains were instantly annihilated.

One of Mo Wujue's intentions was to destroy the universe and make Su Lang insatiable!


Even if he succeeded in destroying the surrounding cosmic region, Su Lang could not absorb the power of the cosmic region in a short time.


Su Lang has entered the ninth step of half-step immortality!The sourc𝗲 of this content nov(𝒆l)bi((n))

"Do not!"

Mo Wujue watched all this, with endless unwillingness and panic in his heart!

So far.

It is no longer possible for him to kill Su Lang!


"Mo Wujue, you are out of play."

Su Lang smiled happily, and while waving his hand, he even took in a vast expanse of the distant universe and swallowed it with the power of the white world.

Under the action of the system.

The power of the universe and the power of the white world are directly fused into a new power, and then instilled into Su Lang's body, quickly advancing his cultivation base!

In a blink of an eye.


A terrible wave broke out from Su Lang, and he broke through! !

"The Realm of Immortality!!"

A bright smile appeared on Su Lang's face.

All his powers have been promoted from the power of the universe to a higher power.

This kind of power is even more advanced than Hongmeng, Vagueness, and Chaos!

It's really a lot of power!

It can derive the power of the universe and the white world. This power is also the source of everything! !

"The Realm of Immortality!!"

"This is not true, this is not true!!"

Mo Wujue watched all this, his whole body froze, feeling like he was having a nightmare!

at this time.

"Mo Wujue, get on the road!"

Su Lang smiled faintly, then raised a finger and clicked

——Just like Mo Wujue before, it seems that he is about to kill an ant and tap it lightly!

"No, I'm not reconciled!!"

"Su Lang, Su Lang, spare your life! I would like to be your servant!"

Mo Wujue screamed frantically, his voice filled with sorrow and pleading.

It's hard to imagine.

Such a strong man will show what he looks like at this time.

But it is not difficult to understand if you think about it carefully.

He has reached the ninth step of half-step immortality, and then he will be able to enter the realm of immortality!

This is his goal for countless years.

How can he let it go?

not to mention.

Giving up means death.


"If I lose, will you spare me?"

A sneer was drawn at the corner of Su Lang's mouth, and his finger instantly touched Mo Wujue's eyebrow.

In an instant.

A horrible storm swept across Mo Wujue's body.

His body directly became riddled with holes, like loose rocks that had been weathered for countless years.

"Do not......"

Mo Wujue's voice stopped abruptly.

It was such a strong man who scorned the entire endless universe, and was able to live forever in just one step. Under Su Lang's finger, he completely fell!



Su Lang let out a sigh of relief, put away the body of Mo Wujue, and then turned to look at the endless universe.

This endless universe is still in constant collapse!


Su Lang waved his hand gently, and the collapse of the endless universe suddenly stopped.

Looking at it, compared to the original, only one-third of the endless universe is left at this time.

He didn't step into the endless universe anymore, but stopped in place, thinking.

"Back to that question."

"Why, I am a ‘turbid body’? Why do I have a system?"

"Now it seems that maybe I have crossed the white world and the endless universe before I will combine the power of the two to form a muddy body."

"So, where am I from?"

Su Lang murmured, and immediately showed determination, "I will find the truth!"

He turned and walked into the depths of the white realm of the universe, the white light permeated, gradually covering his body completely.

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