Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 10: Make up for the ugliness

Chapter 10: Make up for the ugliness

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So to speak, she had tormented herself all these years for nothing?

Ye Wan Wan felt like dying!

Thankfully this time, she found out sooner rather than later or she would have to be ugly again her whole life.

Starting today, she wanted to doll herself up as pretty as possible to make up for the ugliness in her previous life!

"Why? Is there a problem?"

"No!" Ye Wan Wan replied, aggrieved.

"Oh..." the man chuckled.

Ye Wan Wan looked at the man, fearful.

The unusual spark on his face was neither ghastly, violent nor detached... Si Ye Han was actually laughing.

She realised just now that this man seemed to be in a very good mood today.

Was it because he had a good sleep last night?

Actually, Si Ye Han's hot-tempered temperament was closely related to his insomnia; nobody is able to tolerate such a long-term sleeping disorder.

As she thought about it, Ye Wan Wan's mind started to wander.

Should I take this chance to bring up that issue, since he's in a good mood today?

When she was downstairs, she received a message from the class monitor asking her to go to school. If she continued to miss school, she might be punished or expelled.

Due to her bad results, she had already been held back 2 years and would be 20 years old by senior year.

She remembered that during her previous life, she was only concerned about one thing every day, which was Gu Yue Ze.

Before meeting Si Ye Han, she was obsessed with Gu Yue Ze. After meeting Si Ye Han, she kept thinking about escaping back to Gu Yue Ze's side. She was totally disinterested in learning.

Soon after, she didn't bother attending school and didn't make it for the college entrance exam. Her studies were completely delayed.

This time, she wouldn't allow herself to destroy her life like she did before.

This time, although she was grounded due to her escape attempt like her previous life, this time she didn't leave with Gu Yue Ze. Thus her relationship with Si Ye Han was still redeemable and there was still room for mitigation.

Ye Wan Wan took a deep breath and asked hesitantly, "May I... go to school... tomorrow?"

As soon as her voice died down, the pressure in the house lowered and the man regained his indifferent expression.

Ye Wan Wan could hear her own heartbeat. I'm still not allowed to go to school?

Even though she expected it not to be that easy, Ye Wan Wan couldn't help but feel disappointed. Her face turned grim as she looked at her favourite bun with no appetite and muttered softly, "If it's not possible then forget it." Foll𝑜w current novℯls on nov𝒆lb((in).(com)

But Si Ye Han's face didn't look any happier, instead, he looked more sullen.

Ye Wan Wan didn't want to aggravate him right after their relationship improved so she quickly said, "I was just casually asking. I'm not going anymore."

Si Ye Han kept silent and looked at the girl's dull eyes with a panicked expression on her face. Looking at the girl's expression reminded him how it was last time, and an uncontrollable temper rose in him.

Ye Wan Wan put on a face of innocence-- this man's too hard to please. I already said that I'm not going to go, so why does he still look as if he wants to murder someone?

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