Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 12: Did I starve you?

Chapter 12: Did I starve you?

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"Also, the lawn in the east is burnt anyway, so why don't we plough it to grow some cabbage since the soil is fertilized?"

Ca... Cabbage...

Xu Yi was speechless and Si Ye Han's expression was also unreadable. Ye Wan Wan lowered her voice and asked meekly, "What's the problem?"

Si Ye Han tapped the white porcelain mug and looked up, "Am I starving you here?"

Ye Wan Wan choked, "Um... No..."

Ever since she was little, she didn't lack for clothes or food. At Si Ye Han's place, this was also true. The chefs at Jin garden always came up with different creative foods daily just to get her to eat more because if she ate less than the benchmark Si Ye Han had set for her, those chefs would be fired.

But she didn't know what was wrong with herself either--she had a habit of hoarding food like a hamster. The more food surrounding her, the more secure she felt.

In her previous life, due to Si Ye Han's constant monitoring, she felt dejected and slowly lost her appetite.

With such a rare chance to be reborn, aside from dolling herself up, she wanted to have good meals, otherwise it would be a waste of this second chance.

After a long time, Si Ye Han looked at Xu Yi, "Make the changes accordingly."

Xu Yi replied with an ashen face, "Yes..."

He was simply too gullible, thinking that this woman had really changed.

She wants to change the prestigious private Jin garden into a vegetable farm, this is insane...

Ye Wan Wan jumped for joy when Si Ye Han agreed to it. She squealed excitedly, "Great! This way, we can have good food when autumn comes!"

When autumn comes...

Hearing these 3 words, Si Ye Han's expression changed slightly, his eyes as well.

The Ye Wan Wan from before only thought of running away from him, since when did she think about the future?

For the whole day, Ye Wan Wan discussed in detail the crops to grow in each area with Xu Yi and assigned jobs to the servants.

When evening came, the Jin garden that Ye Wan Wan destroyed looked completely brand new again.

Cabbage in the east, sunflowers in the west, the walls had newly-built grape shelves, those expensive plantations had been replaced by vegetables and fruit, the water in the pond had been changed and the beautiful carp and live prawns were swimming inside happily...

Every flower and plant in the old Jin garden was rare and so priceless that even the workers had to be wary of every step they took. Otherwise, they could accidentally kill a plant worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. Now, although it had become a vegetable plantation, any accident would still be frowned upon.

Maybe she had done too much physical work that day, but Ye Wan Wan's appetite was back and she ate heartily during dinner.

After filling herself up and fueling herself with energy, she reflected on what happened that day.

There wasn't only the issue of going back to school but the problematic relationship and situation between her and Si Ye Han too.

To create change, she had to have a talk with him. This chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(e)(l)

Si Ye Han's room was on the top floor, the room that she would never go near previously.

"Dong dong dong--"

Ye Wan Wan stood nervously in front of the door, took a deep breath and knocked.

*Squeak* the door opened and a pair of cold, deep eyes greeted her.

"Hey, I have something to discuss with you. Is this a convenient time?"

The man seemed to have expected her arrival. Without a look of surprise, he turned and walked back into the house silently, indicating his approval.

Ye Wan Wan quickly kept up with him.

I must settle this by tonight no matter what!

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