Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 4: Dying under a peony

Chapter 4: Dying under a peony

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In her previous life, Ye Wan Wan felt that she lost herself and let Gu Yue Ze down. She didn't even fight back when he said all those nasty words to her. She was moved when he said she was forgiven and was touched that he wanted to bring her home, thinking she was still in his heart.

She had simply been dumb.

Who knew he was just acting out of pride?

In any case, she was once Gu Yue Ze's fiancee, but now she'd become Si Ye Han's lover. If people found out, wouldn't he lose all his pride?

Just as Gu Yue Ze appealed for her to leave with him, Ye Wan Wan felt a drastic drop in the temperature of the surrounding air.

In the darkness only a few steps away from Ye Wan Wan:

The man's expression was as dark as the night. His hostility raged uncontrollably, as if he could crush a man and engulf him whole, not leaving a single trace behind.

Si Ye Han's assistant, Xu Yi, was sweating buckets and both legs were trembling.

What a life I have to witness the boss' woman eloping with another man late at night!

Ever since this woman Ye Wan Wan had appeared, the servants hadn't had an easy day. Once the boss went into a rage, they all suffered.

And this woman's forte was provoking Si Ye Han.

This time, boss' anger would certainly be enough to burn the entirety of Imperial City to ashes!

Xu Yi closed his eyes in despair. He knew even without looking what was coming. Visit no(v)eLb(i)n.𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

Seeing that Ye Wan Wan wasn't moving, Gu Yue Ze got impatient. He reached out to grab her arm, wanting to pull her away.

But Ye Wan Wan quickly took a step back, avoiding his touch.

"Wan Wan?" Gu Yue Ze frowned.

Ye Wan Wan replied coldly, "Gu Yue Ze, did I say I wanted to leave with you?"

Gu Yue Ze gave her a pitiful gaze, "Wan Wan, Si Ye Han is toying with you. Why must you humiliate yourself just to get back at me?"

The Ye Wan Wan he knew was head-over-heels for him and always did his bidding. Thus, Gu Yue Ze thought she was just trying to seek his attention.

"Humiliate myself?"

Ye Wan Wan laughed like she just heard a joke. She sneered, "Si Ye Han is richer than you, more powerful than you, of a higher class than you, and has a better body than you. Sleeping with him once is better than being with you for a lifetime! How do you have the confidence to say such things?"

"You..." Gu Yue Ze never imagined that Ye Wan Wan would say those words. His mood darkened.

At the same time, the man in the darkness with rage like a beast suddenly calmed down.

Xu Yi was surprised and looked in Ye Wan Wan's direction.

Why is Miss Ye acting so strangely today?

This is out of character--isn't she deeply in love with Gu Yue Ze?

She should be happy to elope with him!

Maybe she's playing hard to get?

This time, Gu Yue Ze was really angry. He warned her, "Wan Wan, stop throwing a tantrum. Si Ye Han is a vicious, violent and bloodthirsty man. Do you know how many have died in his hands? Staying with a man like him... don't you care for your life?"

In response to Gu Yue Ze's harsh warning, Ye Wan Wan yawned lazily. She glanced at him sideways and replied faintly, "So what? Dying under a peony flower such as Si Ye Han, you'd be happy even as a ghost~"

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