Rebirth of a Nation's Darling – Prince Charming

Chapter 414 - 414: His Majesty in women’s clothing (1)_1

Chapter 414: His Majesty in women’s clothing (1)_1

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Si Rong’s heart skipped a beat. He looked at the man in front of him again. His smile was so clear and warm that it could warm anyone’s bones as long as he wanted to. If other people saw through a person, they would feel repulsed, but Xia qitong was easily accepted. It was probably because Xia qitong was too understanding. She was gentle like a polished Jade, round and smooth, giving off a light that was not strong but was definitely attractive.

“Do you really think I’m that worried?” Si Rong retorted, then changed the topic to the ongoing game mission, a coward can’t be an assassin. So, do you have any clues that you can tell me? ”

how can you ask so directly?” Xia qitong shook her head, unfortunately, 1 really don’t have any.

“Then let me rephrase my question. Who do you think will be the first to be killed tonight?”

“It will probably be …”

The cameraman looked at the two of them talking and couldn’t help but be curious. He asked du xiaoguang if he could shoot closer, but du xiaoguang refused.

Eh? What’s with this mysterious smile? Didn’t this fourth master come to help Yu Lian Yun? Why does she seem to be quite familiar with si Rong?!

After the treasure hunt in the afternoon ended, the five special guests and the other staff members were sent to a round courtyard house.

this is your room for today. This is your room number. Du xiaoguang distributed the room number to everyone and took them to find it.

There were almost no lights in the hall and the interior of the house. Everyone lived on the second and third floor, and they needed the staff to hold their flashlights when they walked in the corridor.

“Brother DU’s bad taste.” Tai-Shu Wu said in a low voice.

“This is obviously to benefit the environment of the killers.” Milo also said.

“You ran off this afternoon? You didn’t follow si Rong?” Tai-Shu Wu asked her.

Milo did not answer. She turned her head arrogantly and ignored his question.

The first to arrive was tai-Shu Wu’s room number five. When he opened the door, tai-Shu Wu, who was full of anticipation, instantly collapsed.

“What room is this? Why did it have to be like this! That’s too stingy.” He held his forehead and asked the staff.

He had been tormented enough for the past few days.

the quality of the room is based on the points,” the staff answered calmly, you’re currently at the bottom of the pack, so this is the only room available.

“,.”Tai-Shu Wu opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Does that mean 1’11 be the next one?” Le Xian said helplessly.

He was just a little better than tai-Shu Wu.

The staff member did not answer.

After that, le Xian was in room four, Yu Lian Yun was in room three, si Rong was in room two on the third floor, and finally, Milo …

Everyone thought that she would be given the best room, room No. 1, but she didn’t have a room.

“Since 1 won’t be on the show for the first episode, this is a special treatment for my mystery guest.” The staff once again conveyed du xiaoguang’s words,” if there is no room, it means that you can hide anywhere tonight to escape the killer’s pursuit. You can also secretly investigate the situation at night and find the killer. This chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(e)(l)

It was enough to remind her up to this point. It didn’t change Milo’s fate of sleeping in the corridor.

After the staff left.

Except for the light in the room, it was dark outside, whether it was the corridor or the outside.

It was dark…

Did you close your eyes?

The killer might be getting ready to go and approaching in secret.

The climax of the game had officially begun.

It was an ordinary guest room.

Si Rong walked into the room and looked around. Other than the bed, table, chair, and wardrobe, there was nothing else in it.

Oh, maybe 1 shouldn’t say that.

What did she find?

Si Huang raised his eyebrows and smiled. His gaze fell on a safety box on the table.

She slowly walked over and took out a piece of paper from the box. It was du xiaoguang’s mischievous task additive.

“Once you choose to use your special ability, you must use the items inside.”

Si Rong opened the safety box. When he saw what was inside, his expression changed slightly.

She closed the box again, glanced at the camera in the room, and then turned to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

It wasn’t unreasonable for great-uncle Wu to say that du xiaoguang was stingy. Although the room assigned today had a bathroom, there was no shower equipment.

After he was almost done, si Rong took off his jacket with the camera on his back and went to bed.

Time flowed silently like water.


A shrill scream rang out in the night, indicating that one person had been killed.

The voice was short and hurried, and it disappeared as soon as it rang out. It was heard by the guests in every room who were sleeping.

The ” heard ” definitely did not mean that the sound could travel hundreds of meters and reach everyone’s ears across a few walls, but through the special sound effects of everyone’s mobile phones sent by the crew.

It was not a good experience for anyone to be woken up by this special effect sound in their sleep.

Even if there might not be many people who would really go to sleep tonight.

The night had just begun, and someone had already been killed. Judging from the voice, it should be a male.

In the dark, the police received a message from the judge, asking him who the suspect was.

Their exchange of messages was not known to anyone else until everyone’s cell phones began to ring.

Si Rong was woken up by the sound of a message. She fumbled around for the phone that the production team had given her and turned on the bedside lamp. In the end, he pressed it a few times, but it didn’t turn on-either the lights were broken, or the main power switch had been turned off.

The darkness always made people uneasy.

Only the weak light from the phone screen persisted in giving people a little light.

Everyone was forced to enter a chat room.

Everyone in the chat room was anonymous, and Si Rong’s other name was celery.

Bai Cai,”why can’t the lights be turned on?”

Spinach said,”it’s obvious that the power switch has been turned off.”

[ Hua Cai: I think the one who was killed was A. ]

The so-called ‘a’ was the abbreviation of the three staff members, a, C, and D.

“He’s in the room next to mine. Could I be the next one?”

[ police: you’ve exposed your identity. ]

Coriander: I’m sorry, I just think it’s too dangerous.

Cabbage:” it’s time to open your eyes. Assassins shouldn’t be able to kill.

The police officer replied,”not necessarily.” He couldn’t struggle to kill someone with his eyes closed, but he could when his eyes were open.

“Officer, can you tell us who you are?”

Spinach said,”didn’t you guys realize that there should still be two more people who haven’t appeared?”

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