Star Gate

Chapter 268: Three Warriors Slaying A Solar (II)

Chapter 268: Three Warriors Slaying A Solar (II)

“That’s right!” Wang Ming nodded. “That Yama guy’s not a Solar even if he’s a peak Sunflare. We won’t be outmatched if we work together! Not to mention, he’s got his eyes full of the treasures inside the city right now. Who has the mind to spare for us?”

Liu Long didn’t respond; he looked only at Li Hao and waited for the signal.

Starting at some unknown point in time, he felt that it was better for Li Hao to take the lead in things. It was a subconscious shift that may have stemmed from this expedition. The young man could see everything because his eyes were special, which resulted in Li Hao gradually taking the reins of authority. Liu Long liked to listen to his opinions before deciding on anything, a habit that proved to be wise. So many had died in this exploration, but their trio remained safe and sound. Not only did they not encounter any issues, but they reaped plenty of rewards instead.

Late Sunderer Liu Yan obtained her revenge and safely exited the ancient city. She was one of the weaker ones to leave alive. Not many had survived to make it out. Most of those who left earlier were Sunflares or Plenilune, very few Fullmoons counted among their number.

Li Hao pointed the Earthturner Sword at the two characters over the city. “I still want to go up there for a look. Chief, what do you say?”

Liu Long, however, quietly watched the sword. That was the signal. The moment the upraised sword swung down was when the young man wanted him to attack. Now was when the man suppressed his nerves. They had a plan of action against Zhang Ting. All he needed to do was to punch her into the air!

Zhang Ting had not gone through the second passageway—possibly out of worry that she’d be exposed and being afraid of death. This meant that she would be attacked as soon as she was airborne. Powerful city defenses would swiftly obliterate her.

He needed to ensure that he kept her in the air for ten seconds in order for a chance to break the defenses of her origin weapon. That would give them a solid chance to take her out! However, that ten seconds would be an arduous duration.

Hao Lianchuan’s suggestion had been to make their attempt in a crowd of Black Armors. But now that there were no soldiers and no danger on the ground below her, Zhang Ting would swiftly land on the ground again. She was no idiot.

It was precisely for this reason that Hao Lianchuan didn’t think Li Hao would dare pull on a tiger’s whiskers in his absence. At the same time, he didn’t know that the young man had set foot into Dominator of Thousands, and with two auras!

While Li Hao did not measure up to his teacher compared to when Yuan Shuo broke through, having just barely locked the earth aura into place and strengthened his organs meant that the young man was much bolder than before. He really did want to take a closer look at those two characters! He also wanted to deploy the sword of his heart—perhaps Zhang Ting was the perfect target to practice on!

Was he supposed to practice on a weakling instead of someone strong? The Silver Armor didn’t attack the intruders in his final moments because, after recovering his memories, these people were as if ants to him. They were also human, so he abstained from killing them.

Brandishing their swords at the sky, advancing on the firmament to cut down their enemies—that was what the Battle Heaven Army sought!

Longsword in hand, Li Hao asked, “Chief, what do you think that Silver Armor was thinking about when he waved his sword at the sky?”

“Killing enemies!” Liu Long rumbled with a slight frown.

“That’s right, he wanted to kill enemies!” Gripped by emotion, Li Hao waved his sword around and suddenly brought it down with heavy momentum. “Is that not what we martial masters should do? We brandish our swords in the face of strong foes! Die if we must, but we die without regret!”


The longsword swung down with this highly charged cry. It captured Zhang Ting and Wang Ming’s attention.

Liu Long’s arm writhed as the Nine Forged Force exploded. He erupted like a pouncing tiger and pulled his arm back in an uppercut, wanting to punch Zhang Ting up into the sky! This was his target and goal!

He didn’t expect to kill her with one blow—that was impossible against a mid Solar. If he did, it would only mean that he hit the wrong person. He would’ve probably punched Wang Ming in that case.

Meanwhile, Wang Ming was caught in the throes of Li Hao’s words. His emotions swelled when he heard the cry, a mindstate interrupted by a whistling sound traveling through the air. When he subconsciously turned for a look, the sight was incomprehensible.

His brain literally couldn’t make sense of it!

What’s going on?

Liu Long... wants to attack Zhang Ting? The heck? Surely not... All she did was stay in place when she heard some secrets. As annoying as that is, it’s not to the point of murdering her to prevent secrets from getting out, no?

Wang Ming was slightly furious at the overreaction, but that emotion vanished in the next second because Zhang Ting snapped out of her bafflement.

What kind of joke is this? Liu Long... is attacking me? Is he crazy or am I seeing things?

A powerful surge of water energy exploded from her body and enveloped her being, turning into ice energy. It crept toward Liu Long’s fist in a massive demonstration of strength. Zhang Ting wasn’t a water supernatural—or rather, she wasn’t just a water supernatural. She was a powerful ice supernatural!

None of her presence had leaked beyond her body, an indication that her origin weapon possessed strong qualities of concealing the bearer’s presence. She was able to display the full limits of her power without telltale signs of how strong she was.

Beside her, Wang Ming felt that even his thoughts were frozen. Liu Long found his fist freezing as well, his aura of the waves turning solid. Leaping waves immediately fell silent and clunked into place as ice cubes.

So strong!

The might of a mid Solar was completely laid out in front of them; Zhang Ting’s reaction speed was also quite fast.


Liu Long still followed through on his punch, but failed to send his target flying. Zhang Ting’s layer of ice shattered as the Nine Forged Force was still a credible threat when used in ambush. Its strength was obvious to see as it broke through a Solar’s defenses with one blow!

However, an icy hint flashed over her body and another surge of power emanated outward. The origin weapon!

Glowering, Zhang Ting glared at Liu Long in a frosty look filled with killing intent! How dare he ambush her! She took a slight step backward, an uncomfortable feeling in her chest. The Nine Forged Force was a very strong method. She might have suffered damage to her internal organs if it wasn’t for her origin weapon!

Chilly expression on her face, Zhang Ting coalesced a sword of ice in her hand—more accurately, a spike of ice! A weapon shaped like an awl stabbed at Liu Long’s eyes. How dare a Dominator not on par with Yuan Shuo ambush her?! Liu Long was asking for nothing more than a painful death!

Just as she was about to viciously end her fellow Night Watcher, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and cold gripped her body. A streak of sword light rushed into the sky!

Li Hao had soundlessly deployed a sword stroke at some time—this was a move he’d bided his time for a very long while. The sword aura was unquestionably domineering! Not only that, but the earth seemed to shake and seal off the void. A mountain appeared outside of Li Hao’s body, one that was locked by chains.

The sword of the mountain peak!

Instead of visualizing the move by the Li family ancestor, Li Hao was thinking of the one from the Silver Armor, to slay enemies! Purely to kill enemies!

Heavy earth energy combined with the Earthturner Sword, as well as the earth armor, creating a combination as if fish in water. Zhang Ting’s expression shifted slightly as she sensed the incoming attack and she retracted the ice awl, redirecting it to Li Hao’s longsword instead.

There was much more to the young man than met the eye!


Liu Long’s punch whistled through the air as Li Hao’s sword stabbed forward!


The sword sliced through the ice awl; resplendent sword light blinded the eye as the sword stroke followed through.

Pfft! Craaaaack.

The ice that covered Zhang Ting’s body completely shattered. A Dominator’s ambush—Li Hao’s ambush—was more lethal than Liu Long’s attack. The sword pierced right through a Solar’s defenses.


It hit something that gave back great resistance. Bits of pain, fury, and ruthlessness appeared in Zhang Ting’s eyes! Fool! Do you think you can kill me like this? You think too little of me and too little of origin weapons!

Her origin weapon manifested from her body; it was a snake of shadow and darkness. The snake of water and shadow transformed into a thin sword that extended from her body. It landed in her hand.

What Li Hao’s sword had stabbed into was this snake. The origin weapon! Although the lowest level origin weapon, a gold level was nothing that Li Hao and Liu Long had a hope of breaking.

“You’ve miscalculated!” snapped out an arctic Zhang Ting who’d recovered her confidence. Two Dominators had ambushed her and Li Hao was so unexpectedly strong that he could break her defenses to the point of stabbing a sword into her body... She had to give it to them, a regular Solar would either be dead or heavily injured at this point.

These two really could kill a Solar with their ambush!

But who was she?

She was from the Night Watcher headquarters, a mid Solar with an important mission on her shoulders. She needed to keep Hou Xiaochen under surveillance and this Shadow Snake Sword had been especially granted to her for presence concealment and defense! nove(l)bi(n.)com

Origin weapons weren’t found by the side of the street in the central region. A regular Solar wouldn’t dream of obtaining even the lowest level origin weapon, they were mostly reserved for peak Solars. Only existences like Violet Moon had the chance of receiving one.

Violet Moon was equipped with an arcane level Armor of the Thunder God because she was the branch leader for Silver Moon and needed to train new recruits. Otherwise, she would only receive a gold level one at most.

Therefore, Zhang Ting’s origin weapon was an exception! Not only did the Shadow Snake Sword block Li Hao’s attack, but it also bore a snake flicking its tongue on the tip of the thin sword!

It was dangerous beyond compare, but had the two miscalculated? Did Li Hao not know about the origin weapon?

Of course he did!

Both the young man and Liu Long pushed off from the ground at the same time, leaping into the air. Li Hao could fly just as well despite not having taken the second passageway.

They were going to run!

Zhang Ting snorted derisively and bade her world of ice creep toward the two. So they wanted to run, just like this? In their dreams!

There was no need to show mercy or hide her abilities since she’d made a move. She had to kill them!

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