Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075

Ain had vivid memories about the Mermaid clan.

This is the most common race depicted in the back cover illustration of the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs".

They, who didn't wear anything, were the most beautiful sight in the enormous bathtub. Even though thousands of years had passed, Ain could still hear the voices of mermaids singing around the gigantic dragon egg.

If there was any race in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment that could easily uncover the truth, it would undoubtedly be the Mermaid clan.

They were the rare race that had actually participated in the dragon egg hatching ceremony during the divine era. They were also the specific designated rare race mentioned in the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs".

In the recent assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the performance of the non-human races far surpassed that of humans. Humans could only manage a 50-50 split against the girls from the non-human races by relying on their quantity advantage of more than ten times.

This doesn't even include the Mermaid clan because, up until now, no mermaid has participated in the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Ever since they arrived at this enormous bathtub, they were the first group to strip off their clothes and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the water filled with divine era magic, showing no signs of anxiety.

Surrounding the future successor of the tribe, Heidi, the mermaids smiled mysteriously as they watched the girls in the white light cluster doing various things with the silver giant egg, whispering in a language that Ain couldn't understand.

Within the Leviathan faction, the Mermaid clan possesses the highest level of intelligence among the races in the ocean.

Before the Dragon clan disappeared, the Mermaid clan was always the brightest gem on the ocean crown, assisting the Dragons in ruling the sea.

In the modern era with no Dragons in sight, the Mermaid clan became the temporary ruler of the ocean crown, governing many different species in the ocean, truly deserving their title as the royal family of the sea.

"Um... it's... that one, right?"

"There can't be any mistake... I didn't expect that there are still dragon eggs in this world..."

"What kind of dragon egg is that... even from this distance, it makes one's heart race."

The priests of Lamia can recognize that the "dragon" enveloped in the white light cluster is a Dragon, and the Mermaid clan, who are closest to the Dragons, cannot possibly fail to recognize them.

Perhaps, it is the dwarves who were once considered backup food by the Dragons, but due to their excessive fear, they are unable to understand the truth.

The civilization and history of the Mermaid clan are even more ancient and profound than that of humans. This beautiful race, residing in the ocean, already built huge temples under the sea, praising the greatness of Leviathan, while competing with the Dragon clan and Giants for world dominance.

Humans don't know the purpose of the Sia Kingdom's tower, but the Mermaid clan who have visited here in the past are aware of it.

However, they never imagined that there were still real dragon eggs in this world.

As their owners, the giant dragon clan had already left, right?

Heidi couldn't help but bite her finger as she looked at the extremely mysterious white light cluster, showing a look of immense curiosity.

Being underage, Heidi, just like her sisters, had never seen a real dragon since birth. They only had contact with some treasures left by dragons in the Mermaid clan.

This world, with a severely weakened magic tide, was already unsuitable for dragons to survive in.

Just like how mermaids don't like turning their tails into legs and walking on land, the low magical air was like a state of insufficient air for mighty dragons. Even breathing would be very difficult.

One day, the dragons disappeared collective. They could no longer tolerate this world with air becoming impoverished and went to some other place.

After that day, there was no news of dragons in this world anymore. Even Lamias, who were the most loyal creatures to dragons, had no idea where they had gone.

Heidi couldn't have dreamed that she would come into contact with such pure and powerful dragon's spiritual energy in the human world.

Combining the information about this ancient relic in the Mermaid clan and the assessment method of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order that Ain found difficult to understand, Heidi couldn't help but wonder what was inside that white light cluster.

However, just like Meross who discovered this secret, both she and Ain silently understood the truth.

Lies, when someone helps confess, will change towards the truth.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, isn't it telling everyone the truth? It's not a lie.

In Heidi's mysterious smile, all underage girls from humans and other races successfully completed this round of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment.

The number of qualified individuals, who endured the hatching ceremony for ten seconds, is approximately 1,700 people.

Among them, not a single underage girl from other races was eliminated, and most of them performed exceptionally well, surpassing humans by several levels.

Among humans, only the Princess Knight Squad of the Leviathan Empire and the Wilderness Bride Group of the Northern Union Kingdom can compete with other races, while other factions are not even visible.

"Is it our turn to make an appearance??"

"It's delightful to see those proud and arrogant humans having no chance."

"The strongest trump card should naturally make the final appearance."

"Take away their hopes, let them feel the gap."

The mermaid girls are sure to win in this trial of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

There is no doubt that all of them understand the essence of this ceremony.Read lat𝙚st chapters at nov(𝒆) Only

During the divine era, the experiments conducted here by dragons were mostly attended by mermaids because of their innate talent.

Just like the scenery depicted on the back cover of Ain's book 'The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs', the mermaids have been showcasing their graceful movements and elegance in this huge pool for a very long time.

"Who will go first?"

"The princess naturally goes last, let's play rock-paper-scissors."

"Taking someone else's things is really enjoyable."

Being a little bit mischievous, or let's say, like the mermaids from a certain world who have a preference for a sense of wrongdoing, the mermaid girls began to decide the order of their appearance in an ancient way.

In the end, the first winner was born.

She was a beautiful mermaid with shiny blue scales and hair as silky as silk. She was the oldest in the aquarium, 17 years old this year, and had two younger sisters. The three sisters came together to participate in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order this time.

She swayed her own fish tail and leisurely swam towards the dragon egg wrapped in a white light cluster.

In the next second, beyond the reach of humans, the enchanting song of a fantasy creature began to echo in this huge pool.

It was a forbidden love song, the Sea Nymph's Voice that tempts people to fall into the sea.

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