The Maknae Has to Be an Idol

Chapter 161

Chapter 161

Some things were surprising even if one was aware of it beforehand. This was even more so when a person showed a completely different side from their usual self. When I listened to Yeon-Hoons song cover in the middle of the live broadcast, there was a part of me that was surprised every time and filled with pure admiration.

Deep night when the light scatters

The moonlight shines quietly

In the end, I failed to capture

Your behind even once

As expected of the drama fanatic, Yeon-Hoon chose to sing a drama OST. Though people were recommending him all sorts of trendy songs to sing, he was singing drama OST one after the other. Though this was sort of funny, his skills shut down any laughter.

He really is good at singing. The songs we had sung on stage until now werent the kind that he could show off his singing skills since an idol stage placed the performance aspect of a show foremost. Perhaps, because of that, Yeon-Hoon was going all out in his singing now that he was given the chance.


I cant believe our soft peach is this good at singing; this is unbelievable

Wow this is insane

This song makes me reminiscence

I cried so much while seeing this drama

People simped for Yeon-Hoon and wrote all sorts of fan comments about his song. There were some who also became very immersed in the song and dwelled in their sentiments. I glanced at the chat box and looked back at Yeon-Hoon again.

There was something about Yeon-Hoons voice that captured peoples focus. It was clear and gentle but not fragile. Instead of breaking by the slightest strike, it felt firm and strong on the inside. Simultaneously, a voice like this tended to sound bright and hopeful, but there was something sorrowful about his voice.

It was a very rare voice in the entertainment business and Yeon-Hoons biggest hidden strength. If it had been any other idol, this would have been their main weapon, but because Yeon-Hoons visuals got the most attention, his singing abilities received comparatively less focus. Soon, the song ended and people continued to write comments in their excitement.

How was it? Was the song good? I also cried a lot when seeing this drama. Yeon-Hoon instantly released the heavy emotions he had captured while singing and returned to his usual bright self. Though he looked cool while singing, he just seemed carefree and happy now.

How was it Tae-Yoon? Did I sing well?

I simply smiled at Yeon-Hoons question and said, Yeah, it was awesome. I gave him a thumbs-up and Yeon-Hoon said with a huge smile on his face.

Did you all hear that? Tae-Yoon said I was awesome. Hes usually not the type to compliment people like this.


Their interaction is funny hahahaha

The members are so cute

It seemed people were surprised to see me genuinely compliment someone else. Though I didnt express it, I had always been impressed by Yeon-Hoon and felt awkward.

Hey guys! We are trending right now!

Wow, trending? Our guys are the best

The chat box began to fill with comments then. Though quite some time passed since Yeon-Hoon sang, his video was trending.

Are we trending right now? Yeon-Hoon asked.


Both I and Yeon-Hoon checked our phones. I looked us up and saw that our broadcast was really one of the trending videos. That seemed to be the power of Yeon-Hoons singing.

Since we are trending, should we also hear our maknaes singing? Yeon-Hoon started.

Ah, please. Originally, I wasnt a member who sang too well. I just used cheats like Insight to appear otherwise. Thus, I was going to refuse, but Yeon-Hoon appeared to have no intention to give up.

Its a celebratory event that our broadcast is trending. You have to~ Yeon-Hoon pressured me, and people began to recommend songs in the chat box. This was a live broadcast we had turned off to escape our pitiful image made by the incident with Hwang Jun-Kyul and Yoon Dong-Hyuk.

I should use Insight here. The ability reset every day anyway. There was no need for me to save it.

Then, I will just sing one song. Among the countless recommendation songs that were popping up, I chose one that I was most familiar with.

I will find you the beat. Yeon-Hoon found the melody on his phone and turned it on.

Zing. I activated my Insight at that moment. In the period that I was using Insight, I was able to sing at the level of most groups main vocalist temporarily. Perhaps, the viewers of this live broadcast thought the same and commented.

Bong Tae-Yoon is crazy

The maknae is also so good at singing?

What in the world? Please marry me

Though I glanced at them quickly, it seemed positive responses were pouring out of the chat box.


While Woon Yeon-Hoon and Bong Tae-Yoon were doing their live broadcast, it wasnt just Bluebird users who were tuning into their singing. Though it was for a limited time, Siren was receiving attention from the general public because of the incident with Hwang Jun-Kyul and Yoon Dong-Hyuk. Whatever they did, peoples attention focused on them.

Thus, videos of the two singing on their live broadcast naturally began to spread through Nutube, TikTak, and other major platforms. People who saw videos about Siren while learning about Hwang Jun-Kyul and Yoon Dong-Hyuks incident were brought to Yeong-Hoons and Tae-Yoons live singing by the algorithm.

Since the issue with Hwang Jun-Kyul and Yoon Dong-Hyuk was all in the rage right now, Sirens cover song videos also began to blow up quite a bit.

Wow, are these guys Siren?

Damn, they are seriously good at singing

Even from the first verse, they are seriously goodVisit no(v)eLb(i)n.𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

People who hadnt much interest in Siren began to become more invested in the group and videos of them spread farther. The public, who had simply thought Siren as pitiful and sad, began to have a change in opinion.

Wow, its my first time hearing them sing but why are they so good?

It sounds good because they are doing an easy song haha

Reply: ? They can hit the high notes so well though

I think they are the best at singing among idols

People who heard Yeon-Hoons and Tae-Yoons songs also began to look up Sirens other stage performance videos. Clips that had been famous amongst only idol fans began to spread, and the algorithm brought these clips to more peoples feeds. Then, as more people learned about Siren, the incident with Hwang Jun-Kyul and Yoon Dong-Hyuk resurfaced again. The people who learned of this news turned to Sirens live cover and past legendary performances, connecting the large loop again.

Channels that created shorts, which were consumed for a short period and disappeared, didnt miss this hot keyword. As if they had been waiting for it, they took the videos that were already there, reuploaded them onto their channels, and took the lead in marketing Siren. As a result, dozens of videos containing the live broadcast clips were made, and seeing the view count for these videos, people created more videos with edited performance clips.

As dozens of videos began to spread on different platforms, the. Keywords on peoples search engines changed. The big data that had treated Siren as pitiful idols this weekend began to change to a group that was seriously good at singing and on-live. In the entertainment business where a moment decision could change the performance of a quarter, there was no way Siren would let this opportunity go to waste.

But perhaps, because the live broadcast that they made with this intention showed results that far superseded their expectations, the members appeared a bit baffled.


We just went back home for the weekends a bit, but what happened in the meantime?

WowThe responses that Tae-Yoon and Yeon-Hoon are getting are no joke.

Kang Do-Seung, Lee Woon, and Park Dong-Jun were shocked by what happened in their absence.

We should make a song this instance.

Using the flow of the recent happenings, they planned to drag all this buzz to their debut.


After Yeon-Hoon and my live broadcast became a massive hit, we also began to experience some changes in our daily lives. This Monday morning, Ms. Seung-Yeon and Ms. Hyun called us to the company.

Its seriously amazing right now!

We dont have the exact data yet, but if you look at the videos with the keyword, Siren, their view counts basically increased by two times!

But this is seriously crazy.

It seemed the two had monitored peoples responses about us all weekend long.

First of all, the company is planning to release press to continue the growing public attention.

If everything works out, I think you all will be able to achieve much better results at your debut than expected.

It was almost as if Ms. Seung-Yeon and Ms. Hyuna were more excited than us but since this was all good news, I didnt say anything about it. Instead, I shared with them about the things we discussed this weekend.

Its just what we talked about yesterday night, but since the responses we are getting are good, I think it will be good for us to push forward a bit strongly while the attention is on us.

Push forward? What do you mean?

We just talked about it yesterday, but

There were two main points that we discussed about.

I was wondering if we could release the teasers of the shooting we planned to release next week this weekend. The first point was to continue to release content to ride this tide.

Furthermore, I think we should set our debut date as the third week of June, and pull all our schedule forward. The second point was the setting of our debut date, which hadnt been decided clearly until now.

It wasnt me who first brought up the date for our debut. It was Yeon-Hoon who made the suggestion first while we were discussing the topic yesterday. If we were going to release the teasers for our shootings next week, he said that we needed to debut within a month, and the third week of June on a Monday was the most fitting time for it.

I had been looking for my chance to make the same suggestion since my discussion with Kang Hyun-Sung to match our debut time around that time; but now that Yeon-Hoon brought it up first, I was able to easily pass over the issue and agree with it. Then, I revealed that I also heard from Kang Hyun-Sung that Only One was also planning to debut around that time.

I didnt unnecessarily tell them the whole truth that it was our plan to match our debut dates but added my own opinions of how debuting with Only One could have its good points and Kang Hyun-Sung agreed with me on this too. I worried that my members would disagree heavily with debuting at the same time as Only One, yet contrary to my expectations, my members accepted the news positively.

Thats good!

We have to verse them anyways, its better to meet them when we have good press on us.

We just need to work harder.

As a result, we all agreed on the third week of June as our debut dateat least among us. We still didnt know how the company would respond. Fortunately, Ms. Seung-Yeons and Ms. Hyunas responses were positive too.

So, to summarize, you all are requesting to finish the shooting for the teaser by this week and debut on the third week of June?

We will only know after talking to the company, but the company seems willing to listen and grant your requests as much as they can. So, I think its possible.

It appeared the company intended to support our decisions right now. Perhaps, it was natural since we kept producing great results without them doing anything. Thus, they probably thought it was better for them just to support us from the sidelines.

Then, we will report this to the higher-ups!

Until we come back, why dont you listen to a couple of songs that came from the A&R team?

That was how Ms. Seung-Yeon and Ms. Hyuna left and we quietly sat in the conference room and listened to the title song and side tracks that came from the A&R team.



Its really getting to me now.

Now that our debut date is decided and everything, its really hitting me now.

There was no one among us who was really listening to the songs. While the tracks was about to automatically replay, Ms. Seung-Yeon and Ms. Hyuna appeared back at the conference room and confirmed our final debut date.

The company approved the third week of June as the debut date!

Perhaps, the system was aware of this and called out.

[Mission Success]

[It has been confirmed that you will debut in the same week as Only One.]

[You will begin your meeting with the second regressor.]

What? Right now?

It was suddenly giving me a reward without warning.

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