Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 17


Chapter 17: How About This?

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The meridian test was simple. All they had to do was to place their palm on the altar and circulate some Essential Qi, and the altar would react to it.

The altar would take the martial artist’s rate of condensation for Essential Qi, the rate of condensation of the main acupuncture points, as well as the toughness of the meridians into account. It would predict one’s potential, and the corresponding number of stars would light up. Updated from nov𝒆lbIn.(c)om

The stronger the potential was, the more stars would light up.

Nine stars were the highest amount of stars one could get. However, there was a rainbow on top of it.

The rainbow would only appear if a divine meridian was opened up.

“Alright, let the testing commence!” The Second Branch Elder announced.

Then, the juniors approached.

Most of them had four stars and five stars.

It was only when Lu Chuan approached that the altar lit up with seven stars.

“Mm, potential worth seven stars. It’s quite admirable, he’s eligible to join the Mystical Sword Sect.”

Duanmu Qing nodded.

“Not bad. With that talent, even if it was the Mystical Sword Sect, he would be able to pass the strict tests and become a disciple of our sect,” the Azure Dragon Hall’s Tie Zhong said.

The Meridian Test continued on. There were other appearances of seven stars. There was even one who achieved eight stars, which caused a commotion.

When someone had reached the potential of seven stars, it was not just a simple matter of opening up all nine meridians. They had already opened up a few main acupunctures points for the first divine meridian.

It did not take a long time, nor was it too difficult for many talented individuals to reach the peak of top Novice Realm. However, they would stay at the peak of top Novice Realm for a long time after reaching it in order to open up a divine meridian.

Many people that were unable to completely open up a divine meridian, but yet able to open up a few main acupuncture points on a divine meridian, could feel their potential rise.

For every main acupuncture point that was opened up, one’s potential would rise.

However, among the Lu Family’s juniors, there was none who could open up a complete divine meridian.

Soon, Lu Yao and Lu Ming were the only ones left yet again.

“Lu Ming, open your eyes wide and observe the difference in potential between you and me. How wide will it be?”

Lu Yao dismissively glanced at Lu Ming and approached the altar.

All eyes in the area were once again on Lu Yao.

The blood meridian that Lu Yao awakened was a Fifth Level blood meridian. It was said that she had already opened up a divine meridian and closed herself in cultivation for two months. What level would she be in right now?

Everyone looked forward to it.

As for Lu Ming, he was merely a piece of trash with a strong will. Everyone had already dismissed him.


Lu Yao outstretched her jade-like hands and placed them on the altar. The altar was injected with fiery red Essential Qi.


The altar rumbled, and one by one, stars formed in the air.

One star, two stars...

Soon, there were six stars formed on top of the altar.

However, it did not stop there.

A seventh star immediately appeared, followed by the eighth star, the ninth star...

When the nine stars formed together, it became a rainbow and shot up into the sky.

It was a rainbow!

It represented a complete divine meridian.

However, it did not end there. A second rainbow followed and shot up high into the air as well.

At that instant, numerous dots of light radiated from Lu Yao’s figure.

They were the acupuncture points that she had opened up.

Eighty-one main acupuncture points lit up, then followed by the eighty-second star, the eighty-third star...

In the end, a total of ninety-nine stars were shining brightly.

The ninety-nine stars meant that Lu Yao had opened up ninety-nine main acupuncture points, and two divine meridians.

The surrounding spectators all stood and stared at Lu Yao in shock.

This included the seven Core Elders, as well as the envoys of the four halls from the Mystical Sword Sect.

Even Mu Lan had a stunned look in her eyes.

Donned in a snow-white dress, Lu Yao stood in front of the altar. Her body was illuminated by the ninety-nine stars, and there were two rainbows above the altar. It was as if an angel had descended to the mortal realm.

She was otherworldly, elegant, and saintly.

Lu Ming, who was close in proximity, seemed so tiny.

“Hahaha!” The First Branch Elder could not hold in his laughter.

“A monster, truly a monster! With Lu Yao in the Lu Family, they will be sure to prosper! None in Fiery Wind City will be able to compare to the Lu Family’s power!”

“Indeed! Such a monster, it’s no wonder that Duanmu Family’s prodigy is engaged to Lu Yao. They say that Duanmu Lin has also opened up two divine meridians. With the two of them working together, it’s a perfect combination! Fiery Wind City will have another prosperous tale in the pages of its history that will be sung for centuries!”

“It’s no wonder that the seven Core Elders would allow Lu Yao to succeed as the Lord of the Lu Family. It would be a pity not to let such a genius be the Lord. If it were up to me, the Lord’s position would have been given to her a long time ago!”

“Of course! They say that a person with two divine meridians opened up has the potential to reach King Realm! Will Fiery Wind City give birth to the next Martial King in the future?”

On all four sides, small families and factions of Fiery Wind City started to discuss heatedly.

“Miss Lu Yao, if you were to join the Onyx Tortoise Hall, we would be willing to provide you with Land Level martial arts and techniques for you to cultivate, and immediately promote you to a Silver Apprentice.”

The Onyx Tortoise Hall’s Gao Shi stood up excitedly as he extended his invitation to gain her favor.

“Miss Lu Yao, if you join the Azure Dragon Hall, not only will we provide you with Land Level martial arts and techniques as well as promote you as a Silver Apprentice, we will also specially hire a Silver-robed Elder as your master, who will specifically teach only you in cultivation.”

The Azure Dragon Hall’s Tie Zhong did not lag behind and presented her with even more alluring conditions.

“What are you guys doing? Miss Lu Yao already has marital ties with the White Tiger Hall, she ought to join us instead. Furthermore, the attractions that the White Tiger provides are definitely more alluring than yours,” Duanmu Qing said loudly as he glared at Gao Shi and Tie Zhong.

With a Fifth Level blood meridian and two divine meridians opened up, there was the hope of reaching King Realm in the future! Although it was merely a desire, it was already well worth a sect’s particular cultivation of such a talent. Naturally, they all wanted to recruit her into their respective halls.

“Miss Lu Yao...”

The Vermillion Bird Hall’s Liu Qian was about to state her terms but was interrupted by Mu Lan.

“Give it a moment, we’ll make a decision then.” A vague smile hung on Mu Lan’s face.

“Martial Aunt Mu!”

Liu Qian was slightly anxious. If she did not speak up and state her offers now, the chances of Lu Yao picking the Vermillion Bird Hall would be slim. She did not understand why Mu Lan stopped her, but Mu Lan was not a small influence. Since she had already spoken, Liu Qian had no choice but to look on anxiously.

The surrounding crowd took in a huge breath as an envious expression formed on their faces.

For four halls to fight over one person, and issuing such attractive rewards, such an honorable feat!

If it were them, even if they were asleep, they would wake from laughter!

At that moment, Lu Yao receded her Essential Qi. The two rainbows disappeared along with the dots of light on her body.

She daintily walked towards Lu Ming. “Lu Ming, can you see it now? The difference between us is like heaven and earth. We will never meet. Do you still have the guts to challenge me now?”

Lu Yao stepped off the stage after she finished her sentence.

“You just opened up two divine meridians, what’s so amazing about that?” Lu Ming sounded slightly disdainful as his voice rang out.

“What?” Lu Yao suddenly turned around.

Lu Ming walked towards the altar with big strides.

“Haha, Lu Ming, you were born with a weak and frail body, and your meridians were blocked. For you to take the Meridian Test, aren’t you afraid of embarrassing yourself?” Lu Chuan yelled tauntingly.

“Haha, Lu Chuan is right! Lu Ming, you should back down. It’s enough that you participated in the first test, there’s no need for you to join the next tests, or it won’t be your own pride you’re throwing, but rather the entire Lu Family’s,” the First Branch Elder bellowed from the main grandstand.

“Lu Yunxiong, you’re the First Branch Elder, yet you’re repeatedly stopping a junior from taking the test. I think you’re the one who’s throwing the Lu Family’s pride away,” Lu Ming instantly retorted.

“How dare you, Lu Ming?! Speaking to me in this manner is an offense!” The First Branch Elder scolded him angrily, enraged by Lu Ming.

However, Lu Ming merely turned around without even glancing at him.

Then, Lu Ming’s hand pressed on the altar as he injected his Essential Qi into it. The air above the altar simmered as a star lit up.

“Eh? That piece of trash, Lu Ming, actually managed to condense Essential Qi? He actually managed to get a star to show up?”

Lu Chuan’s eyes widened in shock.

Lu Yao’s eyes flashed in surprise as well.

“That guy could knock me out in one hit. I don’t think it’s going to be that simple.”

Lu Bing was standing beside Lu Chuan as he gazed on with a grave look in his eyes.

At that moment, there was another flash above the altar. Another star had lit up.

However, it was merely the beginning. The stars above the altar continuously lit up in quick succession.

Two of them, three of them... eight of them, nine of them.

Nine stars swiftly appeared above the altar.

“How is this happening? Wasn’t Lu Ming a piece of trash with blocked meridians? How could he actually cultivate Essential Qi?”

“Goodness, he could really cultivate, and even achieved nine stars!”

“Getting nine stars is already shocking! In the Lu Family, nobody has the potential of nine stars except for Lu Yao!”

Lu Yao squinted her eyes. An inconceivable expression formed on her face as she stood beneath the stage.

She had definitely snatched Lu Ming’s blood meridian from him. How could he be able to cultivate Essential Qi, to the point of having nine stars worth of potential? She could not come up with a reason.

“You can’t think of a reason, can you, Lu Yao? Speaking of which, it was all thanks to you,” Lu Ming said to Lu Yao.

“You only have nine stars. What does that amount to in front of an actual genius?” Lu Yao scorned as she quickly calmed herself.

“Is that so? What about this?”

A smile hung on Lu Ming’s face. Following a flash of Qi from his hand, the altar was continuously injected with boundless Essential Qi.

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