Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 18


Chapter 18: A Prodigy Is Born

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The nine stars above the altar linked together and a rainbow shot into the sky.

A rainbow!

Another rainbow had appeared.

Every single person in the area stood up involuntarily.

“Ming’er. Ming’er.”

Amid the crowd, Li Ping and Qiu Yue held each other’s hands tightly. They were shaking uncontrollably, with tears welling in their eyes.

Prior to this, Li Ping knew that Lu Ming was able to cultivate Essential Qi, but she never expected that he would have such great potential.

At that moment, she felt that all the hardships and strain she had been through over the years were not in vain. Everything was worth it.

“Impossible! This is impossible!” The First Branch Elder screamed from the main grandstand.

“How could this be?” Seated beside the First Branch Elder, Li Fu’s eyes were about to pop out.

“This is already impossible? Then let us continue.” Lu Ming smiled.

Buzz! Buzz!

The altar groaned twice. Two rainbows shot into the sky consecutively.

Dots of light lit up on Lu Ming’s body simultaneously.

Eighty-one dots, ninety dots, ninety-nine dots. In the end, there were a hundred and eight dots of light.

Silence. It was dead silent.

The crowd was silent, not even the sound of breathing could be heard. It was as if the people had forgotten how to breathe at that moment.

Only the gentle wind carried the slightest bit of sound.

Everyone was staring at Lu Ming dumbfoundedly. Their eyes were bursting, with their jaws wide enough to fit an egg.

There were three rainbows, and all hundred and eight main acupuncture points were opened up. That meant that Lu Ming had opened up three divine meridians.

There was merely a difference of a single divine meridian between two and three divine meridians. However, the distance between the two stages was like heaven and earth.

Three divine meridians represented perfection.

In every generation of the Blazing Sun Empire, there were not many people who could open two divine meridians, but there was always one or two.

However, the number of people who could open up three divine meridians was scarce. Sometimes, there would not be a single individual in a generation.

At that moment, compared to Lu Ming’s three divine meridians, Lu Yao’s two divine meridians paled in comparison.

One was perfect, while the other was not. It was incomparable.

“Yuntian, Yuntian, did you see that? Our Ming’er is finally accomplished!”

Tears flowed down Li Ping’s face as she gazed at Lu Ming’s unflinching figure.

“The sleeping lion has awakened from its slumber. A prodigy is born,” Mu Lan murmured.


On one side, Liu Qian widened her eyes. At that moment, she finally saw the light. She came to see why Mu Lan stopped her from inviting Lu Yao. It was because of this person, Lu Ming.

The seven Core Elders were shaking on the main grandstand as they stared at Lu Ming.

“The young master... The young master actually opened up three divine meridians. The gods have finally opened their eyes!” One of the white-haired Core Elders even teared up.

“No, no, this is impossible! How could he open up three divine meridians without a blood meridian?!” The First Branch Elder bellowed, unable to accept the situation.

“It’s impossible, Lu Ming, impossible! You’re a piece of trash, how could this be possible?!” Lu Yao was unable to take it anymore. She screamed with a sharp voice.

“Lu Ming, can you see it now? The difference between us is like heaven and earth. We will never meet.”

“Do you still have the guts to challenge me now?”

These were her words to Lu Ming just now, but it seemed like such a joke now. It was like two ruthless slaps across her face.

“Nothing is impossible, Lu Yao. Let me tell you that the talent and reliance that you speak of is nothing but a joke in my eyes.”

Lu Ming looked at Lu Yao. She was a woman he once loved, but he did not feel a shred of emotion toward her at that point.

“Lu Ming, what are you so proud of? You’re merely a piece of trash that couldn’t awaken a blood meridian. I don’t know what kind of miracle happened to you to enable you to open three divine meridians, but it is a fact that can’t be changed that you’re unable to awaken a blood meridian. Hahaha!”

Lu Yao hysterically shrieked.

“Lu Yao, you look like a madwoman cursing on the streets right now. I’m officially challenging you to a match right now. If you lose, then you’ll be exiled from the Lu Family.”

The dots of light on Lu Ming’s body were shining radiantly. His voice echoed across the field as his eyes glimmered with the cold intent of war.

Lu Ming had shocked everyone in the tests of willpower and meridians. Now, he wanted to shock them even more with a challenge issued to Lu Yao.

“Lu Yao, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

Lu Ming’s eyes sparkled as he stared at Lu Yao.

“Very well, Lu Ming, I shall fight with you. I want everyone to understand that you are merely lucky, that you managed to open up three meridians through some miraculous wonder. However, a martial artist’s arts and techniques require talent and comprehension. I shall unmask your original form and let everyone be the witness of how you are still trash when faced against me!” Foll𝑜w current novℯls on nov𝒆lb((in).(com)

Lu Yao seemed to have calmed down and regained her confidence.

So what if he had a strong will? So what if he opened up three divine meridians?

In the end, a martial artist still relied on combat capabilities. She would thoroughly stomp on Lu Ming’s dignity through her combat capabilities, knocking all the stuffing out of him.

The crowd around them was deep in thought, their eyes sparkling brightly.

This was also the reason why the Mystical Sword Sect’s halls did not openly invite Lu Ming after his terrific display of talent in the two tests.

First of all, Lu Ming was unable to awaken his blood meridian. Secondly, he could definitely forcefully open up his meridians, but it would not be able to solve everything.

Hence, it was natural for them to prioritize Lu Yao.

“You blabber too much. Be careful that it doesn’t come back to bite you,” Lu Ming replied as he stared at Lu Yao.

“Lu Ming, cease your madness. There’s no need for my sister to step up in dealing with you. I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Lu Chuan took big strides on the platform and stood in front of Lu Ming.

Lu Ming let out a sneer and said, “Great timing, Lu Chuan. Even if you didn’t come out, I would look for you. Now that I can conveniently deal with you, it makes no difference.”

“Hahaha, Lu Ming, you’re riding on a high horse right now, but let me tell you that the tournament is no game! There will be blood, so don’t blame me if I accidentally cripple you, or even end your life!”

Lu Chuan smiled. As he finished his sentence, he shifted his gaze towards Lu Yunfeng, as well as the main grandstand.

“Chuan’er, you are correct. The tournament is no child’s play. Since it is a competition, there will naturally be unavoidable casualties. Do not show any mercy.” An icy look flashed across the First Branch Elder’s eyes as he bellowed.

The seven Core Elders glanced at each other and nodded. They did not object.

At the sight of that, Lu Yunfeng announced, “Very well, now that the second test has ended, it is time for the third round – the tournament. Fight to the best of your abilities, but do not throw your lives away.”

Lu Chuan smiled haughtily and stated, “Lu Ming, you can still change your mind if you’re regretting it.”

Lu Ming smiled expressively. “Is that so?” he asked.

“Lu Ming, how many moves coming from me do you think you can survive? One? Or is it two?” Lu Chuan sneered.

“One move!”

Lu Ming’s voice rang plainly.

“Hahaha, at least you’re self-conscious enough to know that you can only handle one move!” Lu Chuan cackled.

“No, what I meant was that I’ll defeat you in a single move,” Lu Ming said plainly.

Defeating Lu Chuan in a single move?

The crowd was in an uproar. They stared at Lu Ming as if he was a madman.

One move! Lu Ming said that he would only use one move to defeat Lu Chuan! Was he insane?

He had to understand that not only did Lu Chuan awaken a Second Level blood meridian, he had also reached a cultivation of Third Grade Warrior Realm.

Even if Lu Ming opened up three divine meridians, he was no match for Lu Chuan, let alone defeating him in one move.

“Defeat me in one move?”

Lu Ming’s face darkened as his eyes gleamed with murderous intent. “My name isn’t Lu Chuan if I don’t cripple you today, Lu Ming!” he said.


Lu Chuan’s aura exploded as dots of light illuminated his body. The unquestionable aura of the Third Grade Warrior Realm was released.

“Die, Lu Ming!” Lu Chuan roared. He made the first move as he struck his fist towards Lu Ming.

An explosive gust of wind followed his fist. He wanted to cripple Lu Ming in a single move.

This would make Lu Ming understand he was merely a piece of trash, and that fighting with him was so laughable and arrogant.

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