Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Are You Worthy?

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Just as Lu Bing approached Lu Ming, Lu Ming took a step forward and the floorboard exploded. A formidable presence burst out from within Lu Ming.


Lu Ming threw a punch at the same time, but it was faster than Lu Chuan’s. It came later, but it reached its target first. It was as fast as lightning.


Lu Ming’s fist slammed into Lu Chuan’s dantian, exerting tremendous force.


Lu Bing flew back about four to five meters and crashed heavily on the floor. Blood from his mouth splattered everywhere.


“Ah! Ah! My dantian, my cultivation! Lu Ming, you destroyed my cultivation!”

Immediately, Lu Chuan let out a shrill scream of despair.


There was pin-drop silence, all eyes were fixed at that moment.

Lu Ming destroyed Lu Chuan’s cultivation in one move?



First Branch Elder shot up from his seat. Dark, cold murderous intent erupted from him as he stared at Lu Ming with a ferocious face and roared, “Lu Ming, you imbecile spawn, what did you do?! How dare you destroy Chuan’er’s cultivation? I’ll turn you into dust!”

With that said, First Branch Elder leaped down from his seat and shot out like a bullet toward Lu Ming.

“Lu Yunxiong, what do you think you’re doing?”

On the platform, Lu Yunfeng’s glare turned cold as he thrust his palm out and struck a move against First Branch Elder.

Lu Yunfeng’s body quivered from the impact as he took five steps back while First Branch Elder only took three steps.

“Lu Yunfeng, you dare stop me?” The First Branch Elder roared with rage.

“Lu Yunxiong, it’s House Meeting now, what do you think you’re doing? Going against House Rules?” Lu Yunfeng refused to budge.

There was never harmony between First Branch Elder and Second Branch Elder. The rivalry between the branches was not something that happened over the span of a day or two, so when he was given a chance to strike against First Branch Elder, Lu Yunfeng would most definitely not let First Branch Elder have his way.

“Back down, Lu Yunxiong.” A core elder barked from his seat.

First Branch Elder’s face twisted with rage as he faced the core elders and stated, “Fellow elders, take a look. This brat, Lu Ming, struck so cruelly and he destroyed Chuan’er cultivation. He must be severely punished.”

“Severely punished? Lu Yunxiong, are you for real?”

Lu Ming smiled coldly and said, “Lu Chuan was the one who wanted to destroy my cultivation at first, am I not allowed to fight back? You’re the one who said that casualties are inevitable in a duel. Are you f*cking kidding me?!”

“W-what did you say, you little b*stard?”

First Branch Elder was so mad his face twitched.

“What’s with the ‘you you you’s? Hurry up and remove your trash of a son from the stage,” Lu Ming reprimanded.

What a savage! Such cockiness! Lu Ming actually had the audacity to reprimand First Branch Elder in front of so many.

It was done so on purpose.

He was counting on the core elders of the Elder Council to make sure First Branch Elder did not get his foolish ways since there were so many outsiders watching the Lu House Meeting.

Besides that, his current performance would have caught the eyes of the messengers from the Mystical Sword Sect, so even if First Branch Elder wanted to do anything to him, he might not necessarily be allowed to.

That was why Lu Ming acted recklessly and cared for nothing.

First Branch Elder was so angry he nearly vomited blood, but in the end, he went off stage dejectedly with a ruined Lu Chuan.

‘Little b*stard, when House Meeting is over, I’ll chop you into ten thousand pieces. You and your mother.’ First Branch Elder bellowed in his heart, the intent to kill gleamed unabashedly in his eyes.

Lu Ming turned around and looked at Lu Yao. “Now, it’s your turn,” Lu Ming said faintly.

Lu Yao frowned, her eyes darkened, but she did not reply.

Lu Ming’s combat power exceeded her expectations. Suddenly she had a feeling that what was going to happen today would be out of her control.

Lu Ming’s and Lu Yao’s eyes met and a massive war broke out immediately.

All around the training field, all eyes were intently fixed on both of them.

Lu Yao, with awakened Level Five blood meridian, unlocked two divine meridians at the young age of fifteen, and messengers from all four halls of the Mystical Sword Sect came for her. She carried too many halos on her, and it was not wrong to say that she was the first of her kind in Fiery Wind City.

On the other hand, Lu Ming, formerly deemed useless and the Lu Family’s trash, blew minds today.

The test of willpower on the Flaming Stairs was a walk in the park for him. He unlocked three divine meridians, and it was safe to say that he was the first in Fiery Wind City history to have done so.

Lu Ming also dropped jaws by defeating Lu Chuan in one move.

These two were finally engaged in battle. Who would win?

Everyone, including the four Halls’ messengers and seven core elders of the Lu Elder Council, watched them intently.

First Branch Elder glowered watchfully at them, the intent to kill flashed constantly in his eyes.


On the platform, Lu Yao struck first.

As fast as a deer, Lu Yao dashed towards Lu Ming with a fiery red light on her jade-like hands. Her palms immediately pummeled towards Lu Ming.


Lu Ming twisted his waist and threw a Flame Dragon Fist.


Powerful jets of wind were released as the fist and palm collided. Lu Ming and Lu Yao quivered upon impact and both took three steps backward.

Their first moves carried the same impact.

“Fourth Grade Novice Realm! Looks like Lu Yao’s been getting a lot of resources from the Duanmu Family.”

Upon contact, Lu Ming got a read of Lu Yao’s cultivation. Updated from nov𝒆lbIn.(c)om

Lu Yao’s cultivation rose to Fourth Grade Novice Realm in a mere two months.


Other than her gift of a Fifth Level blood meridian, the Duanmu family certainly did not skimp on the resources.

At the same time, Lu Yao was horrified because she found out that Lu Ming’s cultivation was at Third Grade Novice Realm.

In the short span of two months, Lu Ming rose from a trash with no ability to cultivate Essential Qi to Third Grade Novice Realm. Unbelievable.

‘No, I’ve gotta keep him under my thumb!’ Lu Yao cried in her heart. Clang! She unsheathed her sword, its sword light beamed like a dazzling rainbow towards Lu Ming as she attacked.

“Dazzling Rainbow Sword Technique, Lu Family’s Lower Yellow Level martial art technique. Lu Yao, you lack practice and cultivation, what a shame,” Lu Ming said quietly.

Lu Ming took a stride and avoided Lu Yao’s sword light. He threw another punch.

The punch whistled like the wind as it approached Lu Yao’s face.

Lu Yao had no choice but to defend herself.

Boom! Boom! ...

Lu Ming punched continuously, the Flame Dragon Fist Technique fully utilized.

His Essential Qi was two times thicker than ordinary when he cultivated or condensed it, so when Lu Ming used the Flame Dragon Fist, it was an indestructible force.

In his first move before that, Lu Ming was only using fifty percent of his power.

At this moment, a hundred percent.

For a moment, Lu Yao was forced to retreat.

“Is that all you’ve got, Lu Yao? I’m disappointed.”

“Weren’t you the one who said that you’ll force me to show my true colors? Are you just saying it for fun? Give me the best you’ve got. You wanna be the head of the Lu Family with such strength? Are you even worthy?”

Lu Ming scowled at Lu Yao as his voice rang out coldly. The whole place erupted.

Lu Yao, the shining star, the chosen one, was at a total disadvantage. She was repeatedly forced to retreat by Lu Ming.

If they did not see it with their own eyes, it would be hard for them to believe.

Lu Yao bit her lip as her eyes grew colder and barked. “Lu Ming, I’ll show you what I’m truly capable of.”


A bright red light appeared behind Lu Yao. With a cry, a fiery red lark with five blood-red meridian focal points began to take form. It was the Fifth Level blood meridian.

Immediately, the lark descended upon Lu Yao and fused with her. Lu Yao’s power instantly increased at an alarming rate.

The eruption of blood meridians was a way for a martial artist to increase their power. The higher level of the blood meridian, the more the increase in power.

Fifth Level blood meridians meant a fifty percent increase in power.


Quick as lightning, Lu Yao advanced towards Lu Ming with her sword aimed to kill.

“Let’s see who wields a better sword technique then!”

Lu Ming smiled calmly as he drew the Black Onyx Sword from his back.

The Black Onyx Sword transformed in streams of light as Lu Ming hacked it at Lu Yao.

The Lustrous Sword Technique.


The swords collided. Lu Yao’s sword’s power was broken right away.

Swish! Swish!

Lu Yao was completely shrouded by Lu Ming’s unending sword light.

All Lu Yao could do was to counter them with all her might.

It was total oppression. Even with a higher cultivation and erupted blood meridians, Lu Yao’s strength was still oppressed by Lu Ming.

With three unlocked divine meridians and the Essential Qi from the True War Dragon Technique, Lu Ming completely overpowered Lu Yao.

It was ten or more moves later.


Lu Ming’s sword light pierced through like lightning and went for Lu Yao’s throat.

Lu Yao paled, she could not dodge it at all.

At that point in time, everyone else had their heart in their throats. Was Lu Yao, the shining star, going to die?


Abruptly, Lu Ming stopped in his tracks, the cold tip of his sword resting on Lu Yao’s throat.

The coolness of the sword tip and Lu Ming’s intense intent to kill caused Lu Yao’s eyes to flash with fear.

Lu Yao’s mind went blank as she realized that she was defeated.

“Lu Yao lost!”

“A complete win for Lu Ming, incredible!”

“That was totally unexpected.”

“We were deceived by the Lu Family! I’ll fight anyone who calls Lu Ming trash from now on.”

Chaos erupted everywhere.

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